Pound of pasta?

I am making a recipe tonight that calls for a pound of pasta. Does this mean a pound after it is cooked? How much dry pasta should I buy to end up with a pound of pasta for the recipe?


It generally means a pound precooked.

I’d agree with that. You usually weight pasta precooked, or measure it in cup measures, if you’re not using really rule-of-thumb techniques like ‘a handful of spaghetti.’

As an aside - is dry pasta sold in one-pound or two-pound packages down there? Here in canada they’re usually marked as ‘900g’ or ‘450g’, which comes pretty much to the same things.

Yes, it is. But I measure spaghetti by the “handfull” or the “big handfull”.

Pasta is always sold in one-pound packages, except for the extremely popular shapes like spaghetti and linguine which also often come in half-pounds – for singletons and dieters, I suppose.

I’ve never come across a two-pound bag of pasta.

Noodles (as in non-Italian egg noodles, to go under stew or into soup) seem to come in 12-ounce bags nearly as often as in pounds. I wonder why that is.

One pound packages are the rule, at least where I’ve lived.

For some reason, angel hair pasta often comes in 12oz boxes.

You New Yorkers need to get out more. You can buy 2 or even 3-pound boxes of spaghetti. Likewise for macaroni. Of course, it’s not going to be the same quality as you get.

Thanks, all. I figured it would be the dry amount in a package but I wanted to be sure before I went to the market. I just bought a one pound bag of fusilli for dinner.