Recipe calls for 6 oz cooked noodles

Recipe calls for 6 oz. of cooked noodles. Is that usually the weight of them dry, or post boiling? Quite a diff between the two :confused:

Have that problem myself. The wording says “pasta that is cooked.” A private blog says cooked pasta can weigh twice that same quantity when dry.

Just my method to help me decide: see if the resulting ratio is 1:1 meat to dry weight pasta. That’s the ratio I always follow. If it’s a meatless sauce, 1:1 dry weight pasta to the basic sauce component (ex: 1 pound dry pasta and 1 pound canned tomatoes.)

I would generally guess that if the recipe includes explicit directions to cook the pasta, it means dry weight. If not, wet weight.

I suppose dry because if its a good recipe it includes uncooked materials. when you are going to add meat to it, more meat is better less pasta

My logic says it should be the dry weight. That’s what’s printed on the package.

How would you know the wet weight after cooking?*

*( Yeah, I know, you’re supposed to have a scale on your kitchen counter–but lots of people don’t.)