Pouring of Wine into the river- Anti-French sentiments

At the gym today, while I was running along on the treadmill I was forced to watch Fox goss… err, news, if you wish to call it that. One of the topics caught my eye. Groups of people pouring French Chardonnay and such out into a river. The point? To teach France a lesson for being a traitor.


Hmm, so not wanting to go to war is being a traitor? Did I miss something? Don’t get me wrong, I am all set for the war. I don’t necessarily agree that we should stick a democracy over there, but Suddam needs to be overthrown IMO. I would have preferred to have UN blessings, but hey, the rest of the world already hates us, who cares if we make it worse, right?

What is it with the sophmoric attitude America has taken with France? Are our leaders so childish that they want to re-name anything associated with France, like Fries, and pour out wine, call them the Axis of Weasel and all kinds of other Junior high tactics? Does this ease our own conscience, or is there some sort of standing grudge against the French that this is allowing to come out into the open?

In other words, what is the reason that America is taking such a Sophmoric attitude with the French?

Personally I find it extremely embarassing, especially the naming of France-Germany the “Axis of Weasel.” :rolleyes: How mature. How Intellectual. How… American.

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I’m sure those French vintners are crying their eyes out, that Americans are buying French wine to protest French policies. “Beu heu!” they wail. “Beu heu!”


You know, I think it is the glaring ineffectuality of these sorts of things that really cheeses me off. Not only do some Americans have to get all pissed off over France threatening veto (ignoring all the other countries that object to the war), but they must choose the stupidest way possible to express their ire. “Take that, France! We have renamed our fried potato strips! Hah hah, I bet you regret messing with us now!”

So not they’re pouring French wine in the river. Well, presumably they bought it first, so why should France care what they hell they do with it? They should send that evil, weaselly French wine to me, I’ll make sure that it is properly disposed of.

The best (or worst, depending) story I have heard is of the couple who called their french poodle a “freedom poodle”. And just to reinforce their patriotism they dyed it with big red, white and blue stripes. However, they apparently forgot that the French flag is, guess what: big red, white and blue stripes. So they have turned their dog into a fluffy, four-legged French flag.

Laughing all the way to la Banque, more like.

I’d hate to throw mine out so I’ll probably just hide it away in some dark room and forget about it. That’ll show 'em.

Yesterday there were some French musicians that lost a cello or something in NY city, and Fox posted the number to call if you found it. Well they got a lot calls, but nothing to do with the list instrument. All these morons were telling them to get out of America, go eat some snails, etc.

It’s sad that these people exist in our country.

I’m continuing to drink my Louis Jadot, thank you very much.

“We need to go to war with Iraq! They blew up the WTC!”

“Baaaahhhh! War with Iraq! Baaaahhhhh!”

“Saddam is an evil man with a giant moon laser and time machine!”

“Baaahhhhh! Moon laser! Baaaaahhhh!”

“The French are traitors!”

“Baaaahhhhhh! Hate France! Baaaahhhhh!”
What’s that quote? “Life isn’t one damn thing after another, it’s the same damn thing over and over.”

Or plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, as we say.

God. I don’t drink wine to begin with but this is as good a reason as any to start.

Spectacular. That’s the funniest story I’ve heard in weeks :D.

You don’t really believe that bullshit do you? I think it’s beyond question that the worldwide sympathy expressed towards the US in the twelve months since 9/11 has declined in a depressing way more recently, but the world does not hate you and I’m sure that includes the French.

It’s a credit to you that you realise what jerks these people are and that you take the trouble to say so here. Anyhow, if they don’t want their French wine they can pour it in my direction.

I agree with these protestors, but I am appalled to see they’re disposing of this treacherous drink in such an unsafe manner.

May I please ask that anyone of similar sentiment express their disapproval for the french in a responsible manner, by shipping the wine to me.

Thank you, and god bless America.

Not sure I understand this, Matt. What with all the Americans protesting French policies by buying their products, it’s not like the winemakers are in any trouble.


I intend to protest by pouring French wine down my throat.

Take THAT! glug And THAT! glug

I shall do this at a rate of a bottle a night until they apologise for their treachery.

Nah, I don’t believe it that way. It was more sarcasm and hyperbole. :wink:

I may get carried away tonight; I’m gonna get me some croissants and SPLIT THEM RIGHT OPEN, then I’m gonna get a big hunk of Brie and CHOP IT UP INTO LITTLE BITS, then I’m going to put it on top of the destroyed croissant and HEAT IT UP UNDER THE GRILL.

That’ll show 'em.

So, what are they going to do with all the blow up freedom maid outfits?

Freedom Maid dolls, even.

Mangetout, could I possibly pop round to show solidarity in your protest? Say about 6.30’ish, as I’m a bit pecki…sorry, eager to show my disaproval of the dastardly french.