Power attracts?

Why do people find power so attractive (sexually or otherwise)?
Can you separate this attribute from the person’s other qualities so that it doesn’t play a part in their attractiveness? Do you want to submit to a powerful person or challenge them? Are you naturally mistrustful of a person in power? Hey moderators - do you have to put up with a lot of fawning fan mail or hate mail because of your position? Do you get propositioned because of being a mod?

I was just wondering because when Lynn said

I thought to myself that she sounded like Wilford Brimley in Absence of Malice and in some bizarre way it was kind of sexy!

Usually people find power attractive, because it will make them more powerful as well. How about Tommy Mattola & Mariah Carey for an example.

It’s not the power that attracts, it’s the confidence one gets from having power…that’s attractive.

Though I suppose that some people out there are (like gold-diggers) hoping it will get them what they lack.