Power of 10 - 8/7

Did anybody watch this? It was kinda fun, and I love Drew Carey. I don’t have time to post much right now, but I wanted to get a thread started.

What did you think?

I watched it. I think it was helped quite a lot by Drew Carey’s personality. I was very surprised that the first contestant did as well as he did. My overall impression was that it doesn’t have much staying power though.

I watched it–but very casually (while reading or playing a computer game). I probably won’t watch it again. I like game shows where the challenges are either fun to watch, or challenge my brain. Figuring out what percentage of American’s color co-ordinate their underwear, or what percentage of women call (or don’t call, I’m not sure which) themselves feminists doesn’t do it for me.

I did like the impression I got that the “helps” (audience polling and a parent/friend helper) were used on every question, rather than only available once. Made me think of The Price is Right, only with silly opinion poll questions rather than price based questions.

We watched it, we liked it a lot, we’ll most likely watch it again.