Power-Pop Cult Musician Emmit Rhodes - out with new album in 40+ years

I read about it on the NYTimes, but here is a link to a WSJ blog entry I found that is linkable: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2015/11/12/emitt-rhodes-returns-after-four-decades-with-dog-on-a-chain-exclusive-song/

This entry is from late 2015 but I didn’t hear about it. In the NYTimes article, they discuss him being hunted down by a young fan and pulling a CD together - Rhodes is going to play at South by Southwest this year.

To be clear: I haven’t heard his music. I know about him from here, the SDMB, where folks have mentioned him alongside other Power Pop tragedies like Badfinger, Big Star, the Raspberries, etc.

I guess this means I need to check him out!

Thanks for the heads up. I was a big fan in the early 70s, and was disappointed when he seemed to disappear. Be sure to check out his early stuff as well as the new CD. One of the things he was known for was playing and singing every part on his records. Listen to Fresh As A Daisy as a good example of what he was up to. It was probably his best known song.

Thanks WordMan, just like you I haven’t heard his music, though the name rings a bell, but very faintly. I’m always on the hunt for good power pop, especially from the classic era, and I see that *Rainbow Ends * is on Deezer, just like a compilation of his 1969-1973 recordings. Already in my queue, will be playing right after the Suzi Quatro album that’s currently running.

Rhode’s first album is one of the great pop albums of the era, but his career was mishandled by his record company. He played all the instruments himself (and was compared favorable to Paul McCartney, who did the same at about the same time) and produced a collection of tunes that should have filled the top-40 charts of the time. He’s just fun to listen to.

But the record company insisted he both tour and put out a new album within six months – something next to impossible since he played everything. The second album was a disappointment, and he faded away.

There’s not a bad song on his first album. I’m partial to “With My Face on the Floor” and the very beautiful “Lullabye” (featured in The Royal Tennanbaums).