POWER_station, just shut the fuck up!

God, I despise one-trick ponies. Although they are entertaining in Fenris’ posts, they never cease to amaze me with arrogance and dullness. Every time they post, I get the idea they think they’re being entertaining and original, but after seeing the same thing replayed like a scratched record for the umpteenth billioneth time, their posts are the equivilant to Steve’s “Dude, you’re going to Hell” ads on T.V. After reading the most recent craploads of POWER_station’s stupidity, I was compelled to rant, and here I am.

If the mind of the average Straight Doper was like a fine-tuned maneuverable car, POWER_station’s mind would be a train. No, rather, he’d be a horse that’s been flogged to death then tied to the back of a train on a circular track of big grinning smilies and anti-Americanism. The term “anti-americanism” is one I’m loathe to use, because I always hear it used by patriots to describe non-patriots. But in this case, it applies well, as he has this fixation that defies explanation about the U.S. and it’s sucking- at least, as he sees. Let’s take a gander at some of the shit he’s been spewing forth:

is US citizents addicted by the idea that USA is a superpower
are there any Europeans out there ??
why woun’t USA go metric
Brave brave AMERICA, he he he
(And check here to see his response after his stupid UL is debunked)
did Ronald Reagen consider to join the communists in his younger days

What can we see from these posts, other than the fact that POWER_station is more annoying than Steve Urkel and Dennis Miller combined? He is obsessed with showing the States to be a bunch of warmongering idiots, while making a complete and utter :wally out of himself in the process. His idiot :smiley: 's just show what an arrogant, hypocritical asshole he is. After posting an urban legend older than Jesus(earlier versions featured the Greeks and Persians), he is flamed to a crisp for posting something obviously false. After it begins to die down, he responds by saying, “Well, it might be fake, but Americans are still arrogant! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: [ad nasuem]!” Whaa? Did I miss something here? Who’s arrogant, the American destroyer featured in a blatently false myth, or the man who still maintains he’s in the complete right after posting sheer idiocy?

In the post about the metric system, he makes the following statement:

All I can say is, what the fuck?! Where the hell did that come from? First he states that America is a bunch of arrogant bloodthirsty cowboys, then he says that deep inside we all secretly desire to be part of the place Over There? Does he realize that a great portion of Americans are immigrants from Mexico(Central America, not Europe, you know), and there are also of course the American-Indians? I’m surprised hasn’t written something about the treatment of them and reservations and all that but perhaps it’s folly to expect an intelligent argument to ever emerge from his one-track mind.

I sincerely hope he does something stupid enough to warrant a ban and spare us anything else he has to say.

We have been considering banning him from Europe.

You have wonder what happens to a person to make them obsess about one particular thing. Maybe when he was a child he was “bad touched” by someone wearing red, white, and blue clothes.

His dad wore the Norwegian flag?!?!

Nah, Icelandic.

Definition of a fanatic: A person who won’t change his mind, and won’t change the subject.

Of course, numbnuts. We ate them.

I had not noticed the said poster until now but now, having perused those threads, I agree there is a strong indication that he is a complete idiot. But to have absolute certainty we need to have him answer the critical question: " Does communism look good on paper?" :wink:

Nah, who are we kidding? He’s an idiot.

I’d say posting an urban legend and insisting it still carries a relevant message after it has been debunked for you is some type of trolling, and even more clearly being a jerk. Don’t waste too much time worrying about this one; he’ll get himself banned within a few days.

I still like his remake of Bang A Gong.

I’m just amused by the fact that out of five quoted thread titles, three contain glaring grammar/spelling mistakes. Plus, he seems to use the dal_timgar style manual when it comes to capitalization.

This is the funniest thing I’ve read today.

We ought to at least give POWER_station some credit for giving himself such an easy name to parody.

I took a shit this morning and named it POWER_station

I guess he’s right on that one.
Sorry, guys

Let’s not forget that he comforts himself knowing that, despite the fact that NOBODY is agreeing with him, he knows that he is still right because we’re all just conspiring against him, to destroy his truth.

He calls Americans arrogant. From that, I would theorize that JACK_Ass is an American, and he simply uses himself as evidence.

Maybe we can put POWER_Station and Barking Spider in a steel wrestling cage and sell the pay-per-view rights. :slight_smile:

Hey, kids! Wanna learn some Norwegian?

Okay! Since this is the Pit, let’s get started with a very useful word. Drittsekk. It means “asshole” except it’s slightly less complimentary. Okay, now you say it: drittsekk.

No, no. You’re getting the accent all wrong. Accent on the first syllable. Try again…

Hmm. Still not quite right. Let’s try saying it together: DRITTsekk.

Much better. Now, with feeling!: DRITTsekk! DRITTsekk! DRITT_sekk! DRITT_sekk!

Oh, dear. How did that _ get in there? :smiley:

Just let me hop on here. . . .

Power_station you are a ignorant hateful moronic little uncle-fucker. Shame on your parents for not supervising you better too.

One trick pony- your banning is coming oh so soon.

OK message taken.

I shall try to be a bit more reflected

Well done; May I politely request that everyone just back off a little now and let POWER_station make good that promise?