Powerless: What if you lived in the DC Universe?

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Personally, I’m dropping the show. I try not to judge a show too much from the pilot because pilots can be odd. But the second episode just wasn’t funny to me. Too bad I really like the premise. The article linked to by Banquet Bear makes me really sad they didn’t go in that direction because that sounds like the show I would have wanted. Oh well. :frowning:

Yep. I was hoping for more from this show. I love all the actors, Pudi and Tudyk especially. But this is just another “office” show. I’ll give it two more episodes, and see if it pulls itself out.

I thought both episodes were really funny, although I wish it would focus on Jackie, not Emily.

Yeah, it’s almost good. It’s definitely trying. But it doesn’t quite get there on any level at all. Every aspect is at about 80%, the worst being the scripts not actually being funny. Mugging for the camera and talking fast isn’t going to mask that.

I think it’s cute and has a decent amount of talent on I so I am going to keep going.
Also, not that this is a reason to watch but I love the opening credits.

The episode tonight was a big leap forward. I laughed out loud several times, especially with the exchange (roughly):

Van’s father: You’re nothing but a piece of poop. You can’t even swim.
Van: I can float.

The opening sequence was great, and I loved “Our friend the tuna.”

Hopefully, they’ll manage to keep at this level.

I’m wondering if the writers are Global Guardians fans, or if that’s who DC let them use.

Crimson Fox, Jack O’Lantern, Olympian, Fire and Ice slated to show up later…

Random comments on this week’s:

Great callback to Van’s comic origin, making him a Robin-wannabe.
That is a terrible, terrible batarang design. (Better than the computer-controlled 'rang from Batman and Robin, but still, terrible.)
From multiple aspects of the episode, it appears Charm City is in the same general neighbourhood as Gotham and Bludhaven. I’d been assuming it was on the West Coast, with Bruce (or probably Lucius) trying to get Van as far away from himself as possible.
Why does Riddler of all people have a moon-laser?

… Did Keith Flint just mug Van, Teddy, and Ron?

Also, I just did a check to see if maybe Flint did do the cameo (can’t find a credit for the mugger, so…still no clue), and read an episode review…and wasn’t sure whether to facepalm or crack up at someone complaining that this episode was ‘the closest we’ll get to a real DC hero or villain’ appearing…when it’s the first episode of the series where one hasn’t.

Beats the hell out of skywriting if you’re penning prominent hints?

It is far from perfect but I am still finding this show charming and fun. I like the light, breezy tone.

“Charm City” is a nickname for Baltimore.

This is an older thread and the show is canceled (I liked it even though it was very flawed) but apparently what would have been the season finale had a cameo by Adam West so DC put to up on YouTube here. It’s pretty funny and takes the show in an interesting direction.