JLU: Luthor Takes Charge (Open Spoilers)

As a long time reader of Flash(Barry Allen), the latest broadcast in the US JLU WAS THE BOMB!! They made fun of the typical cheesey plot by injecting today’s sensibility!!

NINE STARS out of TEN(because Flash wasn’t in it, though the used “his joke”!!)

You know, I started complaining once Grodd revealed his master plan that the writers had run out of ideas and were stealing storylines from The Super Friends. That is until the end. Great twist.

Is this the series last few episodes? has it been cancelled?

Great episode. Dead freaking Man. How cool is that? I was surprised at the episode having 2 deaths.

AFAIK, this is the last season. I haven’t seen anything about another season. It isn’t that it is canceled but more along the lines of the end of its run. Too bad, but I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Who died? I realize they said Devil Ray bought it, but you don’t really think that one shot killed Grodd, do you?


I think so. IAND, but to me steaming chest wounds are usually fatal.

I don’t believe he is dead either. He kept moaning for quite a bit after he was shot. It isn’t totally impossible that he wasn’t taken to an infirmary and kept locked up.

It seems like with all the energy blasts, giant space-mounted laser cannons, fire, ice, plasma, light, Green Lantern rings, and other projectiles and beams these heroes and villains are armed with, the only weapon that’s worth a damn in a fight is that little gun Lex Luthor always wears on his chest holster, considering it did all the real damage.

One other question, were Supes, Bats and WW decommissioning the Watch Tower in that one scene? It had that feeling, especially after Superman’s speech last half of the season.

Isn’t the current rumor TT and JLU is replaced with LSH?

That much has been confirmed. There’s still some uncertainty as to whether Legion of Super-Heroes will more resemble TT or JLU in style, who the creative team will be, and what modern day hero will travel to the 31st century and join the legion (although a JLU episode and even the comics will soon be giving a likely answer for that one, there’s no gurnatee that it’ll stick for the next series).

With regards to who goes to the 31st century it’s Supergirl

That was a good episode. I was a little surprised with the deaths.


Isn’t his name Black Manta?

As for the outcome, I have to disagree with the Spirit Lady (I forget her name),

That was a justifiable shooting in any state, and quite possibly Gorilla City!
Maybe I’ve just lived in Texas too long!

It’s that kind of thinking that allows China to whup up on Tibet! :wink:

Black Manta’s name was changed to Devil Ray for the cartoon. He’s called by that name in the episode where they try to capture the viking ship, which I think was his first appearance in JLU.

Anyway, good episode. Grodd’s plan was silly but fun, but I really liked Luthor’s exasperation at it.

They have to call him Devil Ray because presumably, the character Black Manta is on the short list of characters that the producers of the Aquaman live-action series (only in preproduction) may use. That’s why we won’t see Aquaman again on JLU (he’s off-limits now, a la Blue Beetle), and that’s most likely why Devil Ray was killed off.

Devil Ray is a better name anyway!

Grodd’s plan was hillarious, and combined two separate plotlines from the comic books.

Spoilers for this JLU, Villains United, and some 5 or 6 year old JLA Annuals:


Alexander Luthor uses the exact same cover plan that Grodd does - brainwashing the heroes - to hide his real plan - in his case, attempting to recreate the multiverse.

In the JLA annuals (I can’t remember what year, or find my copies…but it was some time ago…)

There was a storyline called JLApe - where Grodd did exactly what he did here - he turned every man, woman and child on Earth into a gorilla. Although he didn’t have human help, and he used local transmission instead of central.

Ok first off the spoiler tags have stopped working for some reason

Second, this Bat-Embargo and stuff like that is retarded. People can deal with two versions of the same character. We’re not morons.

It has nothing to do with that at all. It’s all about contracts, and which producers are allowed to work with which characters. Don’t give us (the viewers) that much credit for being important – it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with which characters are being farmed out to who, for what other media projects.

I know this was a concern in the past, but doesn’t WB do everything in house these days?
(Also, I am glad someone else noted the spoilers were acting up. I was afraid I had a firewall issue!)