Practicalities of veiling one's face

Does anybody know (or is) a woman who wears a veil that covers her face (& lives someplace where it’s not the “norm”)? What does she do if she needs to show ID? Does her face appear on her ID card? Does she remove her veil so her face can be compared to the ID? What if there are no females around to check her ID?

Check this out:

I’m assuming it’s a unique case.

I’ve heard about Ms Freeman. There isn’t any point in photo ID if someone’s face isn’t on it.

On the other hand, there’s also no point to it if the person is otherwise always wearing a veil so you can’t compare the picture when she does give it.

Side question: how does a woman in full hijab eat when she is out of the house? I don’t think there is a mouth hole on those veils. Does she reach the fork underneath the veil? Or do orthodox Muslim women not eat at restaurants and picnics?

I saw a student in a veil (headscarf plus an attached black piece across the face that covered everything below her mouth) eating potato chips at my university once - she just popped them underneath the veil. I guess it was loose enough for that.

Covered everything below her EYES, I’m sorry. Covering everything below her mouth would be kind of neat, like a little chin-veil or something, but that’s not what she was wearing.

The veil generally drops to just below your chin. It’s very easy to lift out of the way to put food underneath it.

I have worn one a few times, for dance.

There was a thread a while ago about female Muslims and photo IDs. Apparently, women in Muslim countries are generally expected to remove their veils for ID purposes, and their driver’s licenses and whatnot do indeed show their face. I don’t remember if anyone said how ID checks are carried out (ie, by female or male cops) but I’d think that female cops would be appropriate here.

The exception to the above is apparently Saudi Arabia, which avoids the issue by not letting women drive at all.

Saudi women must show their faces on their ID cards and passports. However they can’t get either without the consent of their male guardian.

I actually think veils look hot when they’re part of, say, a belly-dancing ensemble. I just think people ought to have a personal choice about whether or not to wear them. Not that we’re so advanced over the Saudis in terms of personal clothing choice, says the guy who has to wear a shirt and tie to work.

Yes but it is your choice to have a job that requires such. And you can’t be killed for not wearing what you’re supposed to.

Most Saudi women dress the way the want to dress. More than a ‘law’ the veil is a tradition. Putting on the veil is a symbol that you are no longer just a girl.

It is not that once the revolution comes the locals here will break out the tube tops. Some people simply prefer to dress differently from how you do.

We’re plenty more advanced. The suit and tie job is a chocie. Further, women don’t have to wear them and most professional jobs allow you to dress however you want.

Moreover, wearing the veil is not really a choice for most Muslim women. It also is used as a means of disassociating Muslims from the Western world which is not a good thing.

So you’re saying dressing like your mother taught you is wrong?

Had to jump in with this:

It depends; what if my mother dressed me in garish spots and stripes? :smiley:

On a more serious note; it is more of a tradition, just like wearing a tie is a Western tradition to stop soup from staining your freshly boiled shirt. And it is a choice. How many Muslim women have you asked about this anyway? The ones who attend the local universities around here have come to schools for diversity talks and information and they said that it is a choice for them. They don’t have to.

It’s only a means of dissociating Islam from Western society if you make it that way.

“Coming Attraction” Fritz Leiber. Look for it. :slight_smile:

Really? So how do you explain the Mutawaeen, who carry sticks and beat women who they deem to be dressed inappropriately?

Well, there are Religious Policemen who (from the ones I have met) are something like gentle old granduncles. Then there are the busybodies who claim to be religious policemen, who are somewhere between thugs and fools.

Since the RP do not wear uniforms, the only way to tell one from the other is to note real RP have a uniformed policeman in tow. The fools never do. The people who insisted the girls in Meccah die were not real policemen. The little old guy who (tries to) folk out of the tea shops in the mall at prayer time is the real deal.

(Why yes, I follow him around; I have no life.)

In any case, the cover of ‘I am with the Commission’ gives all sorts of wiseacres the thrill of power.

Just by the way, I am back from my traditional steak-and-egg platter breakfast at Fuddruckers. They were shampooing the carpet in the singles section, so the manager insisted I sit in the Family section. (I am a regular)

Anyway, a family (two wives, two daughters and a son sat down next to me. The ladies took off their veils to eat.

Also by the way, the family section in McDonald’s has curtains around the booths in the family section, Fudds does not bother, just a regular old dining room.