Praise you SO here!

My gf is great. She always has and always will be. But last week she went over the top. We were driving and I got a red light right in front of a local antique shop. She noticed me looking at their second floor display window. She guessed (correctly) that I was looking at a pair of stained glass panels that were beautiful.

Over the next few days she did some detective work, asking my kids subtle questions/etc. Meanwhile, I continued to look at the stained glass pieces. My taste tends to be expensive, so I avoided going in and checking the price. Then, I decided to stop. They’d been sold. To my gf who gave them to me as a gift. Wow.

These pics do not do them justice:

So, anyone else wanna laude their SO?

Nope, don’t have one right now, but just wanted to say that those panels are GORGEOUS, and that was really cool of your G/F! :slight_smile:

Those panels are beautiful Vetbridge! You are a fortunate man to have such a thoughtful SO. :slight_smile:

Thanks you guys. She is really amazing. Oh, and 2pelo, thanks for the pretzel info. You a Van Morrison fan? (I met his daughter once) Hope you like it here and stick around.

He brings me coffee in bed on weekend mornings. He knows that if he takes the last cuppa before I get one, he’s toast for breakfast!

He also buys bling for my car, I dont really require it but VW’s in da house bay-bee.

beauteous stained glass ya got there! :cool:

That is cool. My gf and I do the same, whoever is up first is the coffee bringer.


Oh, and in answer to your question, how could I not be?!?!? :cool:

Just covering all bases. I’ve heard a version of the song by bb chun king

My GF is the following:

smart, sexy, cute, funny, kind, thoughtful, and has GREAT tits.

I wish she was next to me right now >_<

He’s really smart, a hard worker, and very good-looking. Also, and this is one of the best parts, he’s just a really good guy. Kind, honest…

How he got stuck with me I’ll never know. :slight_smile:

My wife is smart, loving, foxy, considerate, incredibly talented, gorgeous, and an absolute superstar.

In short, the best wife in the world. Me, the shlub? Doesn’t deserve her.

She laughs at my jokes, has helped raise our three wonderful boys, has beautiful blue eyes and a winning smile, mostly agrees with me on literature, politics and religion, and lets me sleep in on Saturdays. No wonder I married her almost 17 years ago.

Himself thinks I’m the wittiest, funniest person in the world. And he makes me laugh just as hard.

Beautiful panels!

My husband’s always doing nice things, usually relating to my car. When he drives it, he cleans it out, washes it, and fills up the tank. He’ll move it in and out of the garage if it’s going to snow and he parks it close to the steps if he knows I’ll be going somewhere.

When we were dating, in wintertime, he’d clear off the snow and start it so it’d be warm for me. He worked 2nd shift and should have been sleeping at 6:30 a.m., but he’d get out of bed to do this. What a sweetie pie.

I don’t think the Dope is large enough to hold all of my husband’s virtues so I’ll just list a few of the things I love about him the most in no particular order:

[li]He’s funny, affectionate, loving, tender, and sweet[/li][li]He’s been the best dad to our children[/li][li]He’s a master at his craft and works hard to provide for our family[/li][li]He finds joy in something or inspires joy in someone every day[/li][li]He’s honest, honorable, and trustworthy - his word is his bond[/li][li]He’s the sexiest grandpa I know[/li][li]He’s good to his mother[/li][li]He has a cute butt[/li][li]He’s an excellent cook[/li][/ul]

Wow, y’all have some sweet SOs. None hold a candle to mine, but. . .

My wife has my IQ beat by a good 20 or 30 points, has a great sense of humor, is far too hot for the likes of me, makes more than twice as much money as I do in my job (and I’m doing OK, salary-wise), and for some reason loves ME.

I have no idea how I scored like this, but hooray! :smiley:

I too will not list all of his attributes but the one that’s on my mind these days…he cooks dinner for us every night. Good dinners, too.

I do so love him.

Hmmm…it sounds like Adoptamom_II and I are married to the same man. Except for the grandpa thing.

Apart from being passionate and funny as hell and thoughtful and giving and patient and smart and having a really cute butt…

He rubs my feet
Holds my chair and opens doors for me (even three years later)
Lets me control the remote
Is the biggest math geek I’ve ever met (total turn on)
Plays guitar like Jimi Hendrix
Likes everything about me, even the stuff I hate.

Well, my Lady wife
is easily the smartest person I know
is always the prettiest girl in the room
laughs at my jokes (even when they aren’t funny)
can finish most of my sentences
is a fantastic mom
is a phenomenal lover
is exceptionally ‘crafty’ and artistic in several media
puts up with all of my shit (this is the biggee).

Can’t imagine how I ever got along without her.