Pratchett and Baxter to collaborate on new project

It’s in the Guardian, so it must be true!

I’m not ashamed to say that this made me Squee like a Twilight fan on the city limits of Forks, Wa.

It sounds awesome!

I have never read Baxter, but now that you have mentioned this, I will look him up…to keep me occupied until such collaborations with Pratchett may complete.


Historically, if a competent and prolific author has not worked on a project for 20-odd years, there’s usually a good reason for it.

Quite frankly, given the state of Pratchett’s medical condition, and the evidence provided by the extremely uneven–even poor–quality of Unseen Academicals, I would not expect a new work to be of high quality.

It’s a shame. It’s tragic! But as with Eric Ambler and Robert Heinlein, even the best can lost their ability.

I’m about to read Baxter’s latest novel, Stone Spring, an alternate history in which the North Sea never formed and the British Isles stayed connected to the European landmass. It’s the first of a trilogy.
I have to admit that other books of his I’ve read have been a bit slow.

He’s also written a Foundation novel (after Asimov died) and collaborated with Arthur C. Clarke on a couple of books… And I just remembered he wrote a sequel to The Time Machine as well!
I’m sure he can do an adequate, if somewhat dull, job

I like Stephen Baxter a lot, though he can be a bit of a one-trick pony with his alternate worlds, and I love Sir Terry, of course, though he seems to be declining quickly. I’m going with one step past cautiously optimistic - cautiously excited.