Isn't it time for the next Discworld book club?

I remember reading and enjoying those disussions as a lurker, but I haven’t seen any come out in a while. I believe you were up to Thief of Time?

I LUUUUURRRRVE Disc World and have as far as I know read every DW novel and short story including the kids ones(most of them many times) but not all of the science popularisation etc.spin offs.

I’ve heard that the next one is about taxes but thats only a rumour.

It would be nice if Pterry and say Disney got together and created a full size replica of Ankh Morpork plus representations of the other nation states where people like me could stay and soak up the ambience.

But I think that that will always remain an unfulfilled dream sigh…

Bitch, bitch, bitch. It was Kytheria’s turn…