Pre-employment drug screening, and antidepressants

Are common antidepressants (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, etc.) detected by common pre-employment drug screens?

I’m about to have to pee in some cups. I have no intention of informing potential employers, or their drug-testing companies, about my use of prescribed antidepressants. Will these medications show up, either as themselves, or as positive results for possibly illegal drugs?

When I’ve had to do pee tests, they’ve given me a form to fill out, listing all of the prescriptions I take. As I understand it, if a drug shows up which is not on that list, I would test as “positive.”

They will show up, but I doubt highly that they could be confused for illegal drugs. However, they may look in askance on the fact that you didn’t report using them.

Also, depending on the kind of testing they will be doing, they may only be testing for the presence of certain substances. So they may just be looking for the illegal drugs, and not tracking what else is in there.

Lissa, if I’m caught, I understand I’m screwed. However, I think I’d rather take that risk than lay out in advance, “I have mental health issues – please hire me”. My doctor agrees with me – he advised me NOT to tell them I’m on psychoactive meds, under any circumstances.

I know the tests vary widely. I’m hoping I get tested as scout describes, where they’re just looking for specific things, not doing a general “what’s in here” analysis. However, I read one horror story on the net from a person who was on Effexor, didn’t tell them, and tested positive for PCP.

I have very strong feelings on prospective employers’ rights to know all the details of my medical history, but obviously this isn’t the forum to vent them in.