Antidepressants and pre-employment drug screening

It seems more and more people are out of the closet about their meds prescriptions; I’ve already mentioned my relationships with Paxil and Effexor, I believe.

Just seeking people’s experiences here: If you’re on antidepressant meds, AND you’ve ever had to take a drug test for a job, what happened?

Did you (a) list the antidepressant on the list of medicines you take, that they make you fill out?

(a)(1) Did you then get, or not get, the job?

(b) Did you not admit to taking the medication, and then,

(b)(1) Did you get caught? Did the medication show up on the drug screen?

I’ve heard that Effexor can test positive as PCP. :eek: I don’t want to lie and be caught, but I also don’t want to announce to every potential employer, “I’m emotionally unstable.” (Let them find that out on their own. :slight_smile: )

I listed my meds and got the job. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you!

I have done drug tests while on prescribed meds. I told the screener and they said if I failled the drug test they would note my prescriptions, if I passed they would not note it on the report.
I usually told them instead of putting it on the list of meds. They seemed alright with it. Plus the meds I was on didn’t show up on the drug test. I would take your prescription with you to show that you do have a prescription for what you are taking. I don’t think the screeners are required to tell employers what legitimate drugs you are taking. But tell the screener before the drug test not after. And by the screener I mean the person that gives you the bottle before you go to the bathroom not the person who gives you the forms to fill out.