Pre-emptive pitting of WV coverage

I know it’s going to happen. H-Rod is going to win WV by more than 30 points, probably, so the media is going to transform this into a game-changer. We’ll get to see all of the handwringing by Chris Matthews et al. We’ll have the Hillary talking heads out there blowing it WAY out of proportion. Obama, of course will do nothing tonight, because he realizes the score.

Honestly I’m putting this in the pit, because I know that is where this will turn after we see the results come in. And I tell you, if I see Terry MacAullife on my fucking television, i’m going to murder.

This is a true test to how shitty the media is tonight. We’ll have to see how it performs. The media officially pronounced the Hillary campaign “almost certainly dead” this week. They have been doing so all week. But the media also always knew what the outcome of WV would be.

So this is the test. Does the media hold fast with the logical conclusion that while this is an impressive victory for Clinton, it’s simply a case of too little, too late? I seriously have my doubts. Let’s see if the media goes back into the old, “What is wrong with Obama?!?!” rant. I can see it oh so clearly now.

Just as an aside, I think I understand the reason for this behavior though. When you’re sitting there and you have someone so enthusiastically talking to you about someone else’s chances, it’s truely hard to cut them off and say no. Being a journalist, I would think, would lead you to be open to all possibilities. You give everyone equal time. Of course in the print media and any other kind of non-live media, you should hopefully go through an editorial process to weed out the superflous from the rest, but in the case of live TV, the idiotic gets just as much voice as the sane.

This just in:

“The Hilary campaign is still holding on in its valiant struggle to remain dead.”

Just to make you feel better, CNN (Clinton News Network) is reporting that A Clinton Win in WV won’t derail Obama

I think we need to hear what Rev. Wright has to say about it…

Ha, you know, at first, I thought that CNN was Clinton-biased, but now I feel it’s different.
Really, I feel that CNN is overtly pro-stupid. They will take an issue, take the most idiotic interpretation of it, and pose it as a question.

Here’s an idea for CNN. The news is supposed to educate people. That’s why you ignore the stupid interpretations of things. You don’t give equal time time dumb things. Yet they always do. It’s a sad joke, but that’s the thick and thin of it.

I think the coverage of WV has been great so far because I’ve watched none of it and read almost nothing. You should try it. It’s a given that the media is going to try to find a way to say Clinton still has a chance. I mentioned this a few days ago: “She’s done!” was a good story for two or three days, but if it’s really over, how do you convince people to watch your primary coverage for the next month? By saying “maybe she’s not done!” That’ll be worth a day or two, and who knows what’ll happen after that? Basically it’s like the whole thing is being written by soap opera hacks.

Maybe she’ll chose Generalisimo Francisco Franco as her running mate.

Let’s see… he’s got military experience, so he’ll shore her up on defense; he should do well with Latinos; and he’ll be a huge hit with the older voters that make up so much of her base (and he even trumps McCain). I’d say he’s the ideal option!

and as an added bonus, his previous political experience pretty much makes Hillary assassination-proof.

Until he kills her for power, which is still a win-win.

When he assumes power, will we be in Franco-America?

Preemptive pittings tend to not go very well, if you ask me. As for this one, Hillary has been declared dead by too many of the pundits already.

She’s just pining for the fjords.

Beautiful plumage, though.

I heard one pundit (can’t remember who) say that Obama may not want her to exit yet so that he doesn’t have to explain why he lost in WV and KT to someone not even running anymore.

I heard the same. I think it was Morning Edition on NPR.

Well, he did defeat the Republicans.

Signing off last night, Keith Olberman said something along the lines of “I have no idea what we’ll be talking about, but we’ll be here when the polls close in West Virginia.”

Doesn’t sound like he’s looking for any life-changing event tonight.

Well, here’s what’s on the front page now: “A big win in West Virginia today could re-energize Sen. Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House and raise fresh doubts about Sen. Barack Obama’s electability in November.”

I think Marley23 nailed it.

It really just seems to me the media is going through the motions on this one. I totally get the tone that the writer doesn’t actually believe Clinton has any reasonable chance in the story.

The media is going to basically play it as big, expected win for Clinton in WV, yap a little about blue-collar voters and electability, and then conclude with “too little too late.” There is no way the media is going to play this as any sort of game changer. Not in West Virginia.

It’s KY.

Like the jelly.

This amuses me, an Ohioan, to no end.

[sub]Sorry, it’s, like, the second or third time I’ve seen you abbreviate it that way.[/sub]

Yes, I recall doing that several times lately. Ignorance fought! I have to admit that every time I typed it I thought “I wonder if that’s the correct abbreviation” but was too lazy to look it up.

I’ve seen a few AP articles that at least look like they make sense.

Clinton seeks largely symbolic win in W.Va.
Obama begins fall campaign in earnest