HRC stumping for....HRC

One last (hopefully) Hillary rant, before she disappears for a few years:

This is admittedly based on sound bites, from last night’s 10 o’clock news and this mornings NPR. So it may not be the entire story, and if this wasn’t The Pit I’d give Hilary the benefit of the doubt. But…

The Clintons are campaigning for Obama in Scranton, PA. Which may be the first time they’ve been on the news since the convention.

Bill said (and I paraphrase) “Hillary has worked harder for the candidate than any runner up has ever worked in history. Yay Hillary.”

Hillary said: “I haven’t worked in the trenches for 35 years [I thought she’d only been in office for 8 years…my how time flies] on healthcare, childcare, women’s issues (etc etc) to have it squandered by some Republican.” and then she envisioned the day in the glorious future when President Obama signs a piece of legislation…that she authored.

Self aggrandizement much? Would it *kill *you to actually mention the candidate you’re stumping for, more than yourself?

Next time listen to the whole speech before you fly off half cocked. How hard is it to look it up on youtube? I for one was pleased that Bill and Hillary have decided to stop damning Obama with faint praise.

Which is faint praise for the Clintons.

Flying off half-cocked is in the charter of the BBQ Pit, isn’t it? It’s interesting, then, which sound bites got picked up by the media.

The optimist in me would like to think that the Clintons are trying to draw in female voters who want to vote for a woman, any woman, and Hillary’s support will draw them away from Palin. So she would just be using her popularity to stump for Obama, even if she doesn’t seem to go about it the right way.

Then I think clearly and determine that this is probably more self-fellation from the Clinton camp which we have seen in the past.

Bill and Hillary’s speeches are prominently available in their entirety on Barack Obama’s web site. Obviously his campaign thinks they were great speeches for him.


That battle is over. She knows her time is past. She just missed. She is old and rich and unlikely to go after it again.

If the Clintons had practiced autofellation, it could have saved as all a lot of trouble.

Anyway, I think Hillary has been doing a lot more for Obama then most of us in the past couple of months, but if she gave him her liver I’m sure it wouldn’t be enough for some people.

The Scranton sound bite is literally the first time I’d seen Hillary on the trail for Obama since the convention; and (to my point) the piece that was chosen for broadcast did seem to be primarily about her, and not about Obama. So I’m pleased to see that she is working harder than I thought. Perhaps the media is conspiring to make her look self-centered…who knows.

The only other Clinton appearance that hit my radar was Bill, on The Daily Show – and getting Obama praise from him was like pulling teeth. His text was: Bush was bad, McCain will be bad, it’s vital that we elect a Democrat…and Obama’s a Democrat, so vote Obama, I guess. Everything I’ve heard (through the media filter) from the Clintons has been like an Obama bumper sticker tacked on to the end of a CLINTON!!! campaign bus.

A few years?

I saw an online article last night about the stumping with the headline: Is Hillary planning to run 2012?

It seems to me that you’re incredibly optimistic.
(And no, I don’t think that the Clintons are solely to blame for the attention they’ve gotten. The media are willing accomplices, at the very least.)