Mother of a nonexistent god, stop the Clinton orgy, I beg of you!

It isn’t that I don’t admire the woman; I do. It isn’t that I don’t think she’s put her (not inconsiderable) political weight behind some excellent causes; I think she’s championed some wonderful organizations. And it doesn’t really bother me much that she’s a hardnosed bitch. But holy fuck. I am Clintoned. Out. Half the fucking reason I voted for (and tried to convince others to vote for) Obama was so that, come November, the next four years will be blissfully devoid of the word CLINTON and the inevitable clusterfuck conversation that never fails to ensue after its utterance.

CNN won’t shut up about her. MSNBC won’t shut up about her. Meet the Press? Clintonified. In a way…I almost feel sorry for John McCain. He’s barely able to keep the press’ attention. No matter where I look, I CANNOT ESCAPE HILLARY CLINTON’S SMIRK!!

~goes over to whimper in the corner~

I’ve felt that way since they left office the first time. I’m absolutely sick of both of them.

Here I thought someone was trying to put a stop to the Hillary-bashing threads, but apparently we needed one more.

Just think of how much you will hear CLINTON!

WHEN she wins.

B…b…b…but Clinton!

[SUB]Now I feel all dirty inside.[/SUB]

I’m sorry…bashing? Did you not read the entire OP? I greatly admire the woman. I’m just tired of not being able to get away from her.
I see you, Lanzy. You’re not funny.

Yeah, I read it. Maybe I misinterpreted “she’s a hardnosed bitch” and “I CANNOT ESCAPE HILLARY CLINTON’S SMIRK!!” Maybe you thought that starting a pit thread with the name “Hillary Clinton” in the title would reduce the amount of Hillary-bashing in the world. Good luck with that.

Me too, and the Bushes as well. No more royal families!
What are we, the fucking Brits?

Personally, I can’t get enough of HillaryNews. I love it!



And we’ve got lots more campaigning, then the runup to the convention, then the post-convention fallout, then the fall election campaign, the election, the eagerly anticipated pre-inauguration gossip and planning, the First 100 Days…

I’ll be huddled in the closet. Call me in 2010.

The mainstream media is owned by people who want Republican rule to continue. They will do everything possible to enable that reality. Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee is the best chance the Republicans have to win in November.

Hence, the media concentration.

People also tend to have strong feelings about the Clintons, which makes them controversial. Controversial = interesting = ratings, as far as the ‘news’ channels are concerned. If an editor gets 6 stories, 2 about each candidate, but can only run 4, you can bet they’ll pick both the Clinton stories, because people will notice those.

It (the yammering about her) is not going to stop until the convention’s over. If, heaven forfend, she ends up on the ticket, it’s not going to stop at all.

Do what I did: Kill your TV. I only have to deal with her online, and I can click away easily enough.

“…this morning, as campaign workers fanned out across America seeking out the “huddled in the closet whimpering” voter…”

We are the Knights Who Say Clinton! Bring us a shrubbery or we shall say



"In interviews with the press, Clinton staffers were ‘optimistic’ about her chances despite Obama’s impressive victories to date. “She’s still in this thing. She’s still fighting.”

Obama’s first State of the Union Address is Wednesday."

See… Clinton’s gonna win this. It’s going to be ugly. She’s going to mess it all up. Then she’ll lose to McCain…

But she’s like that. Much as I hate the Clinton NEWS!!! I find comfort in the fact it can only last one year… and that disturbs me as well…

K. First? I’ve participated in about 8 bazillion threads about George W Bush and what a flaming ass he is*. After four years of non stop bitching, I’d feel a complete and utter hypocrite to whine about two months of Hillary bashing, even if that’s what I were doing.

Second: I admire the trait of hardnosed bitchery, as I am one myself. It is a compliment, not an insult. That you think it’s otherwise is not my problem.

*rough estimate. Could be more.

This is why the moat has been freshly stocked with crocodiles.

She’s like the political version of Paris Hilton!

Right now my money is on Hilary as VP. Right now she’s dropping the possiblility of an Obama/Clinton ticket. She’s been coy about who would be on top, but since Obama is almost mathematically assured to be the winner it would be VP or nothing. I’m guessing she’s staying on the trail and putting that bug in enough folks’ ears so that her being VP becomes the new inevitible.

From Obama’s perspective that may not be all bad. She’d serve the same role for him that Cheney currently does for Bush - greatly decrease the chances that someone will attempt to assassinate him.

How is Obama mathematically assured to be the winner? As I understand it, neither candidate can possibly win until the superdelegates vote.

Can we hang the Kennedys alongside the other Aristocrats as well?