pre-Rush Concert, VA doper gathering

Rush is playing at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia on July 9 and a group of us Rush loving dopers were planning on gathering before the concert somewhere nearby. I figured that since this is before the concert we could expand the gathering to include all you non-Rush fans out there.

The concert starts at 8:00pm on a Tuesday so I imagine that myself and fellow Rush fans will get to wherever we’re going to be meeting a bit early. I’d recommend 5:00 if possible. However if it looks like a group of dopers not going to the concert are going to show up that doesn’t preclude the party ending when we leave for the show. So I think it’d be possible for people to show up later than 5:00.

I however am not familiar with the area in question so if some of you VA natives would come up with a place to meet I would be eternally grateful (or at least until the concert).

I was planning on showing up around 6 or so. I figure that I would leave from work and get there around that time.

As for where to meet I think the bast place would have to be right out in front of the gates. The parking lot is huge so it would be hard to find people there. I know there are at least 2 of us coming, most likely 3, and a possibility of 5 or more total.

Unless someone else knows a good place to hook up not at the site that would be cool too.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff along or near I-66 between Manssas and Gainesville. Unfortunately, it’s been several years since I lived out that way, so I can’t recommend a specific place. But if I get out that way in the near future, I’ll pop back in and let y’all know.

Hey, I’ve got my 15th row tix! (neener neener!)

I’d be glad to meet some folks at the Pavillion pre-show. But there ain’t really a hell of a lot right there near the shed.

I don’t have any problem with meeting up at the show, except none of the dopers going are ones that I’ve already met so we’ll have to find a way to recognize each other.

Also while I enjoy pre-concert tailgating I kinda hoped to actually sit down someplace, but if nothing is nearby, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

So are we looking at six o’clock in front of the gates?

I’m checking in because I’m going to be there too, but I also have no idea what kind of meeting places are nearby.

But the big problem for me is how to get to a Rush concert without getting stuck on I-66 during rush hour.

You cruel fuckin’ bastards.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Offer still stands, Coldfire. One ticket. One meal. One place to stay.

Just takin’ pity on a poor, isolated RushFan…

I know, I know!

Thing is, I might actually see them this summer. I’ll be Statesside for, errr, personal business. Just on the other side of the country, I’m afraid. I’m gonna see if I can plan somewhere near a concert. :slight_smile:

What a shame, and me with an extra ticket.


<ponders buying tickets to the VA show, instead of the NC shows>

Although this would force me to have even crappier tickets, I’ll bet. Boo.

I’m pretty sure it would be worth combining a Dope Fest and a Rush show though. :smiley:

Oo! oo! oo!

Attrayant! I’ll pay $50 for one! </pip>



$50, fah!

I don’t know what lawn seats are going for but the damn pavillion seats cost me about $80 a hit! And they’re not scalped, either. That’s list!

Just don’t stand outside the gates with a sign saying “DOPE”, for God’s sake!

Okay, then . . .

I’ll pay $80+ for one! heh.

I was just sticking with the Pip theme with 50 bucks. :wink: