Rush tickets on sale tomorrow!

The US Tour starts in June. Advance tickets through the fan club go on sale tomorrow! Anyone want to see them in Cleveland or Columbus?

I haven’t missed a tour in more than 20 years! Woot!

I plan to see them in “Seattle” (the schedule says Seattle, but technically the White River Ampitheatre is in Auburn, WA. Even worse, the “Portland, OR” show is actually taking place in Vancouver, WA). I got to see them in Auburn in 2004, on the R30 tour. That was my first ever Rush concert, after being a fan since 1981, and I had a grand time, even from the cheap seats! I was determined to go to that show, no matter what, because I’d been frustrated by missing the two previous tours.

In 1997, they played at The Gorge Amphitheater at George, WA, on the Test for Echo tour. On my birthday. Alas, I was unemployed and didn’t hear about it until three days prior, so had no time to come up with ticket money.

In 2002, they played The Gorge again, on the Vapor Trails tour, and I was again unemployed. Missed it again.

In 2004, as the R30 tour got started, I was unemployed again. But dammit, this time was was gonna go! So I sold my Geddy Lee Signature Fender Jazz Bass (I wasn’t actually playing it that much, preferring my Tobias 5-string) and bought two tickets. My band’s drummer rented a car, and off we went. I was in heaven!

As luck would have it, I am employed this time around and can afford to buy tickets far enough in advance that perhaps I can sit in the good seats instead of on the grass in the back. Late July is also a slow time at work, so I should have little trouble getting the day off :slight_smile: Woot!

Definitely better to get good seats. The best I’ve had is 11th row at The Mark in Moline. Great stuff!

Thank you very much for posting this! I had no idea that they were touring so soon, or even that they had a new album coming out.

Well, the story of my life continues. For over 20 years now, no matter what I try, I end up with shit-ass Rush tickets. I was there at 10 AM, and despite the damn thing running slow as molasses, was in to the purchasing screen at 10:02 or 10:03. There was not a single ticket available in the first section. I would have been able to get tickets right in about the same spot I was last time they came around, but I was so pissed off I just decided to can the whole deal.

We used to camp out overnight as teenagers. No matter where I was in line, I ended up in the upper sections. I remember one year a whole bunch of us waiting in line for Rush tickets all night, and right about 10 o’clock, some numbnuts wanders up for James Taylor tickets or some such. I’m watching the minutes tick by, and he’s up there considering this or that seating option and can I go back to the first ones… I also remember them selling Cardinals tickets too, while precious minutes go flying by.

Screw it. If I can’t, in a lifetime of being a huge Rush fan, get within 30 rows of the damn stage, some bullshit is going on that I don’t need to be a part of.

A buddy of mine who is a Rushie (what DO you folks call yourselves?) is having his bachelor party to coincide with when they are coming to upstate NY. A bunch of us are going to go as part of the festivities.

Most bachelors? A stripper.

My Rushie friend? Geddy Lee.

There is some deep insight there - I just don’t know if I want to identify it… :smiley:

I’m a huge Rush fan, but I’m confident that I wouldn’t want to see Geddy Lee naked.

Here I’d be happy with concert tickets within 20 rows, and your friend gets Geddy to come and strip for him.

Somebody was saying elsewhere before the R30 tour that the venues/Ticketmaster sell most of the good tickets to radio stations and what have you to give away in promotions and call-in contests. If true, that really sucks.

Thank you, thank you! :slight_smile:

I had no idea the tickets were on sale this early. I got better tickets than I’ve ever gotten for an outdoor Rush show (we always end up in one of the back sections of the amphitheatre–this time I snagged 2 tix in one of the front sections! Sure, they’re a bit off to the side, but that’s fine.)

And it’s all thanks to the Dope and Jonathan Chance! I am a happy Rush fan!

Dead center in the front of the second section. The first section was held for promo items. I’m probably about 25 or so rows back.

Anyone else going to the show at the Blossom Music Center in Cleveland? We could hook up.

And Hentor, if you want REALLY good seats you can always broker them. I’ve done it and gotten some great ones.

Whatever happened to bands waiting for a few months after the album came out before going on tour??

<runs off to buy tickets>

I’ve been to many shows. The best was at the Forum in LA for the Power Windows tour. I got tickets that were kinda far from the stage, but as it turns out, were center court for the Lakers, and someone’s season tickets that they weren’t using. I show up, and get escorted to a roped off section, complete with security and cocktail service. I get to my seat and find a complementary tour program on my comfy chair!

That was cool! Didn’t miss a note, either! And I still have that program!

I’ll bet they ain’t coming *anywhere near * me on this tour! :frowning:

I, for one, am glad Rush isn’t waiting. Those outdoor amphitheater dates wouldn’t be as much fun in November :smiley:

And that’s exactly it. If they want to play sheds like it appears they do this time, Summer is the time to do it.

I’m going June 16. It will be my, I guess, twelfth Rush concert (the first was the Signals tour in Houston).

Check out this new ESPN commercial featuring Geddy Lee -

I have concert t-shirts from my early 20’s, all size small. It’s fun to take them out of the closet every few years and think “I used to be able to fit into that??

Geddy is a huge baseball fan. He did the Canadian Anthem at an all star game in the early 90s.

At one point he replaced ‘One likes to believe in the freedom of music’ in The Spirit of Radio with ‘One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball’ during shows. He’s got it bad.

Thanks for the link. That made my day!

Are you guys talking about Rush Limbaugh?

I love that he’s in a 1979 Pirates world series champs t-shirt in one of the current pictures on their website.

Geddy, if you’re out there, let’s you and I catch a game at PNC Park when you come into town.

A buddy of mine was married to a woman connected to the owner of the Blue Jays for a number of years. My buddy got to go to All Star games and other cool Insider stuff. At one of the All Star Games he ended up hanging out with Geddy for a couple of hours talking baseball.

To bad my buddy isn’t much of a Rush fan - he doesn’t dislike them, just not a rabid fan (of which they have so many). But he did say that Geddy was very cool, very nice and really knows baseball…