Preacher -- The New Show / Old Comic Now Airing on AMC

For those not familiar with Preacher, it is a comic book written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Steve Dillon, first published in the mid-nineties under the Vertigo imprint of DC comics. It follows the travels of a small town Texas preacher by the name of Jesse Custer, his former (and sometimes current) girlfriend Tulip O’Hare, and a mysterious and supernatural Irishman by the name of Cassidy, as they search the world for a God that has abandoned his throne. They are assisted in their journey by a powerful supernatural presence that finds a home in Jesse’s body early in the comic, and which grants him a certain power. To avoid giving away too much of the plot, that’s about as much as I’m willing to say. If you haven’t read the comic, the first episode of the new TV series establishes the characters and Jesse’s new-found power, and so knowing much more might technically count as a spoiler.

Preacher was the first comic I read and seriously enjoyed in my youth. It was equal parts serious drama and bloody, juvenile violence – the exact kind of mix that appeals to a kid on the cusp of his teenage years. I’d followed the various failed adaptation over the years, first when it was being shopped around, then seriously considered for a series by HBO, and later when the property owners were mulling turning it into a film. When AMC finally first expressed interest in funding it, I thought nothing would come from it. But lo and behold, it appears to finally have made it out of the woods. Sunday is the premiere of the first episode.

A couple weeks ago, I caught the first episode at a marketing event and was seriously impressed. It is directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (the former known for being a goofy stoner, the latter for his comedy films), and while I was happy that the series had some heavyweights behind it, I was also a little nervous about their pedigree going into the showing. Almost all of my concerns were put to rest by the end of the first episode. By my estimate, it’s far and away the best television adaptation of a comic book in recent memory. Had* Batman: The Animated Series* not existed, I’d be tempted to call it the best, period. As it stands, however, it does a superb job in capturing the anarchic spirit of the comics while making the material palatable for television audiences. Goldberg and Rogen move into producer roles in subsequent episodes, but Sam Catlin (of Breaking Bad) will take the mantle of showrunner and see the series through the rest of the season. From his previous work, and his recent interviews about the adaptation, I’m excited to see what Catlin brings to the table.

If you’re interested, you can watch the trailer for the series here. The premiere will be airing tonight on AMC

I am so excited for this show I am practically buzzing. I LOVED Preacher the comic, and I actually think that with Rogen/Goldberg, two people who are serious fans and also good at what they do and who have some clout in Hollywood, the show is going to be adapted in a good way. All the previews I have seen look amazing. I really can’t wait.

Which flavor of “cariacatures of people Garth Ennis doesn’t like get gruesomely killed” is this?

Original and extra crispy :D. This is where Ennis made his name. It’s also before he went totally off the rails.

They have been advertising this mercilessly, and the trailers, to me, are close to incomprehensible. I had not planned on watching, but the review in the San Jose Merc this week was very positive, so I’ll give it a try.

I know how you feel. Even as a reader of the comics, the trailers and advertisements for this have been indecipherable. It is impossible to get a sense of what the series it’s about, which is why I’m slightly concerned about how it will be received.

Advertisers go weird when religion is involved.

There probably isn’t a very good answer to this question, but if I had to choose one I’d go with “Southern grotesques”.

Is the Saint of Killers in this?

Yes, but not in the first episode.

Cool. I didn’t see the character listed on IMDB. Who’s playing him? Clancy Brown could be good if he’s not too fat–he’s got the grizzled looks and deep voice.

I loved the spit and quote: “Not enough gun” from the comic book when he gets nuked–supernatural Terminator on a search and DESTROY mission.


Before? You don’t think he went totally off the rails DURING Preacher? There’s so much in that series that’s absolutely demented.

Saw Ep.1 and . . .eeeeh. I felt the director was trying to shock us with one blood-soaked outrage after another. And, no I didn’t read or give a rats ass about the comic book. This is just me as a viewer.

Don’t find the Jesse Custer character all that interesting. He’s a preacher with a mysterious past who drinks, smokes and kicks ass. Yawn.

Even the Irish guy from the airplane, OK I get it, he’s some sort of demon. Been there, done that.

I’m willing to give the show a chance, but it really needs to hook me soon or its just going to be another “Into the Badlands”.

This seems like a fair description of the show.

I’ll give it another week at least, but for most of those 90 minutes I felt like I was watching a cartoon for teenagers.

I really enjoyed the pilot, I thought it was a pretty good introduction to the show and characters. I read all the comics but it’s been a few years so I don’t remember everything, but I do remember some of the more gruesome events. I’m looking forward to one character being told what to do by the “Word of God.”

I loved Tulip; in the books she was good with a gun but still felt more like mainly a girlfriend/ex-girlfriend character. At least from the first episode the show’s Tulip feels more like a badass criminal type who happens to be the ex-girlfriend. I liked Cassidy and loved his fight on the plane, but I did need to turn on closed captioning to understand everything he said. Jesse didn’t stand out as much, but he’s also somewhat depressed and lost at the beginning, I could see as he feels more a sense of purpose he’ll get more interesting. But his fight scene was well done, and I liked that it was the first time we saw him smile. Dominic Cooper did do well showing the conflict that Jesse’s feeling, he was well cast, just like everyone else was on the show.

Definitely not a show for everyone, but I’ve seen lots of good reviews and good buzz about it, so hopefully it’s a big enough hit to keep going for a while. I’m annoyed that they premiered it and then are taking a break next week, hopefully that doesn’t hurt it too much.

Did you finish your algebra homework?

Just kidding!!!

I get it, but also Preacher doesn’t feel any more aimed towards teenagers than most movies or TV now. Just before Preacher I was watching Game of Thrones which is known for it’s fighting and nudity and dragons and fantasy. And AMC’s other two big shows right now are about killing zombies. And Preacher does have the potential to go some interesting places with religion and faith, and from what little we’ve seen so far I don’t think they’ll shy away from it too much. I liked Jesse’s talk with Arseface about what God would forgive and if he’s even listening, and Jesse’s prayer in the church by himself.

Everyone’s free to have their opinion and to like it or not, but I definitely don’t think it’s just for teenagers. I think I would have liked the show as a teenager (although it wouldn’t have been made back then), but I think I’ll be able to appreciate it more now.

I enjoyed the first episode. It’s certainly way better than Game of Thrones

Just watched it last night. I was a huge fan of the comics[sup]1[/sup], and enjoyed the pilot. I was a little confused by Cassidy’s fight on the plane, mostly because I had a hard time understanding him. That was due to a combination of his incredibly thick accent[sup]2[/sup], and the low volume I had the TV on.[sup]3[/sup] I figured it had to do with the bible he found in the head. I’m guessing the folks on the plane are with Starr’s organization, but what did Cassidy say that got them all looking so sheepish just before the fight?

They also got Arseface right. He’s just a good kid with a bad face.

1- I still have my “Fuck Communism” zippo.
2 - The dude’s been in the US for nearly a hundred years - you’d think that would have softened it a bit.
3 - My MIL is visiting, and the guest room is right off the Man Cave, and I rather not keep people awake.

Perhaps…but I don’t think so. I liked Preacher a little bit, but I did find myself confused watching it. It might have been better than Game of Thrones pilot, though.

I also could not follow that scene. For me, the music was too loudly mixed and Cassidy’s voice was muddled. I don’t have this problem all the time like some people do. I really had no idea what was going on. He was serving drinks and then was fighting and killing.

My understandings, which I would love if you all would correct:

So, Tulip’s first scene was a flashback, right? But she knows Preacher-guy and is now staying in the town they are in. Cassidy just met Preacher-guy in the pilot, which we saw.

A magic force, from space, comes down and possesses people(specifically religious presenters making their presentations). They usually blow up, but Preacher did not. He can tell people what to do if he concentrates really hard and they will literally do it. Two guys are investigating the force from space. We saw them in Africa, Russia, and I think they showed up at the end of the pilot in Preacher’s town.

Preacher is leaving town now because he was a criminal and he has failed to redeem himself or be successful. He’s going with Tulip to do crime. And Cassidy…is coming with? I guess? Even though they just met?

Was all that previous two paragraphs right?