"Preacher" series is official; let's cast it!

AMC is going to be developing a series based on Garth Ennis’ comic series Preacher. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are developing it. No casting announcements have been made so far. So, time for some fun…

Jesse Custer: if he wasn’t busy with Supernatural, I’d like to see Jensen Ackles in the role. He’s got the seriousness and gravelly voice as well as the comic timing to pull off the character. I’m kind of stumped as to an alternate choice so far, although apparently James Marsden had been connected with an earlier attempt to adapt it as a movie.

Tulip O’Hare: You need a kickass girl who can handle a gun and can also pull off sweet and funny. I’m thinking Jaime Pressly.

Cassidy the vampire: How about Colin Farrel?

The Saint of Killers: I’m not sure how well he can act, but the WWE’s Undertaker is the spitting image of the unkillable killer.

Herr Starr: Mark Strong could pull off this role with ease, I think.

More later, but who would you see in the main roles?

Jensen Ackles doesn’t strike me as the strong, silent, dour type with a twinkle in his eye. Too much twinkle, not enough dour. Or maybe I just can’t take him too serious after Supernatural, where he’s either goofing off or chewing the scenery to a fine grain :).
A young Kris Kristofferson would have worked, but… yes.
Maybe Matthew McConaughey if he died his hair ? Ha, but he wouldn’t get to take his shirt off, no appeal to the role… :slight_smile:

I kinda see Hugh Laurie as the face of Cass’, but I’m not sure he could pull off the accent. Colin’s got the accent doon, but he’s too much of a purdy boy I think - Cass’ is an old heroin hooer. Ralph Fiennes maybe ? Kevin McKidd would be good, too.

I could see the *Shield *guy, what was his name… Michael Chiklis as Starr. He’s certainly got the intensity required. Maybe a little too heavyset ?

A fansite I found suggests John Goodman & Michael Jeter as Bob Glover & Freddie Allen respectively. That totally works. Lenny McLean would have worked for Bob as well, but he caught an acute case of the deads. Shame.

Kim Coates as Jody. Bam.

Are you kidding? Jesse and Tulip spend whole weekends naked and screwing in bed! Come to think of it, maybe HBO should have picked this up instead of AMC…

Good call!

It was in pre-production years ago at HBO. There’s even a makeup/special effects test of Arseface you can Google.

I’m not excited for this. I enjoyed the comics in their day, but the time has passed, and the very, very similar ground has been well-tread by shows like Supernatural (for better or worse). Then there’s AMC who’ll not have the balls to go all in on the nastier bits and nudity from the comics. Yes, yes Breaking Bad and Walking Dead pushed some boundaries, but neither had an old man fucking a giant sexdoll assembled from rotten meat nor did they portray the living descendant of Jesus Christ as a full-on incestuous retard, and there’s loads more of seriously distasteful stuff in every story arc.

And Jesse Custer, the protagonist, is outright boring.

Who knows? Maybe they picked this property exactly because it would let them push more boundaries.

AMC? Is it going to be a relentlessly gloomy and humourless version of Preacher? I dunno…


Josh Hartnettfor Jesse,Teresa Palmer for Tulip and Robert Carlyle for Cassidy.

And somebody convince Michael Cera he was born to play Arseface.

I knew there was somebody from *Trainspotting *I’d overlooked ! Carlyle as Cassidy would indeed be perfect.

Matt McConaughey would be a very good choice for Jesse Custer, though I suspect that despite his recent work on HBO… the demands of a basic-cable program would be too much for a man that’s on the cusp of an Academy Award for “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” That, and I suspect he’s a little too old at this point for the role. No question FX will want to cast this a little younger.

Someone like Henry Cavill might be a nice choice.

Oh, and bonus points for whoever suggested Kim Coates as Jody. Spot-on casting there.

Michael Jeter died in 2003

For the Saint of Killers Clint Eastwood’s your man. Jason Statham if you want someone young. It’s about attitude, not physique. Robert Davi would be a fine Starr.

Patrick Stewart. He’s so obviously based on Patrick Stewart. Featherstone even calls him Patrick Stewart at one point.

Terry O’Quinn obviously has to play Starr.

Timothy Olyphant could make a good Jesse, but I’d rather see Olyphant in something different. And he’s a little older than Jesse should be, as is McConaughey.

Speaking of Olyphant, Amy Smart is currently on Justified, and I could see her as Tulip.

Or, hey, don’t shoot me for this, but… Taylor Kitsch as Jesse? It could work.

IGN just posted their own take on the casting call for Preacher. Can’t say I really like any of their choices more than what we’ve got here…

Let’s see… Olyphant as Jesse might do, yeah. But Goggins ? Are they *high *? No. No.
Richard Madden would work for the looks but hasn’t got a lick o’ Texas in 'im.

Amy Smart as Tulip, that’s fine. Their Cassidies are all meh however.

Scott Glenn as the Saint ? Hell yeah. Love that guy, and when he puts his mind to it he can be genuinely terrifying. He’s just got the death stare, you know ?


Somewhere a corporate suit just asked if Bill Hicks could play himself.

No, somewhere a corporate suit just asked if Bill Hicks could be played by Dane Cook.

Yeah, normally I don’t mind if they cast someone from another nationality, but Jesse HAS to be Southern Boy, if not a Texan specifically.

So a quick googleing for “Texas actors” leave us with three realistic (meaning, cheap enough) possibilities: The aforementioned Jensen Ackles, White Collar’s Matt Bomer and (dear lord) Ethan Hawke.

I’d go with Ackles myself.

I really hope the show doesn’t include any of the Arseface storyline. It’s my least favorite part of the books.

That was part of my thinking with my initial suggestion of Ackles, actually.

Let’s see, who else…

Featherstone should be someone who is somewhat plain and straitlaced, almost mousey: Shelley Duvall would have been perfect for this role back in her day. But now… how about Elizabeth Olsen?

Hoover: Maybe Orlando Jones?

I don’t think we’ll find a decrepit looking enough actress for Gran’ma, but I think Jessica Lange has been impressive on AHS, and I could see her in the role.

I’m kind of stumped on who should play T.C. I can kinda see Steve Buscemi in the role, but I dunno.