Preacher: Season 4 (AMC show)

The newest season of Preacher premiered on Sunday, August 4 (2019), with two one-hour episodes; the regular timeslot is currently Sundays at 10pm on AMC.

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Glancing through those old threads, I see that some fans of the original graphic novels /comics became fans of the show, and some did not. Not having read the comics, I’m reacting just to AMC’s rendition—which I love. Great use of music and innovative camera work, and a great cast (in my view); each episode goes by way too quickly.

This season’s first three episodes have been mainly set in Masada. Jesse is already off elsewhere, though. So far we’re seeing more of God than in the past; Hitler, Arseface, and the Saint of Killers also have had a good amount of airtime.

I continue to be amazed at what AMC gets away with, ‘adult content’-wise.

I love this show! Funniest moment of the latest episode: Arseface putting his mouth up to the hole and the other guy telling him “Slow down there big guy!”

This is the last season right?

Whaaat?? I had no idea it had been renewed. Going to have to remember how I watched the lasr season since I don’t think we have AMC now. Maybe YouTube?

Yes. Sad to say. AV Club has:

AMC to renounce its faith in Preacher after one last season

YouTube has some trailers and such up for free, but appears to be charging–a LOT, $50 per month!!–to see the entire season. If you time the two-week free trial right you might be able to see all ten episodes of season 4, after they’ve aired on AMC, presumably.

$50 a month!!! Preacher | YouTube TV (Free Trial)
This link is from a year ago, but it does show a variety of ways to stream AMC, some of which may still cost a bit less than $50 a month (!):

I for one am very disappointed in the season thus far. There have been multiple literal bags of dicks, and not one person has been told to eat them. But there’s still time, I suppose.

BTW, was that hall fight scene and the pull-out to show the whole hallway a deliberate *Oldboy *reference?

I have to admit I haven’t seen Oldboy. But I searched the name of the movie and “fight” and “scene” and, what do you know? The Preacher scene clearly WAS an homage!

If Jesse doesn’t get to use The Voice to tell someone to eat them, well. . .I don’t know how I could be more disappointed.

I’m not loving this season, as the gang is split up and the repartee is suffering for it. The fight scenes are top notch as well.

Is anyone still watching this show? This final season is flawed but it has its moments. And as I’m watching it, I wonder what happened to the religious right. In previous decades, people used to freak out over what seems like nothing. They’d write letters to the network and the FCC and organize boycotts of advertisers. And yet, I don’t hear of people losing their shit over this show, even though it features God, the Devil, Jesus and an angel and a demon having mad sex. (BTW, I’m guessing that the angel and demon from the most recent episode are the parents of the Genesis thing in Jesse Custer,)

The FCC regulates free over-the-air broadcasts, not cable, so any complaints to them about a cable show would be in vain.

I thought that the angel-demon pair we met in Season 1, Fiore and DeBlanc, were the parents of Genesis?

True, they were both manifested as male. But, I mean, it’s the supernatural. Anything can happen.

(Still watching. I’m glad Tyson Ritter is getting to do something besides Humperdoo; that role has its limitations.)

Didn’t stop that group from complaining to Netflix about “Good Omens”. Admittedly those people were idiots for a variety of reasons, first and foremost being that “Good Omens” isn’t a Netflix show (also, they completely missed “Lucifer” which is).

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

It’s startling how different he looks in the two roles. Acting! Genius!

I forgot about those two. But surely the coupling of the angel and demon in the most recent episode is going to figure into the plot somehow?

Season 1 was 2 angels - they were the babysitters.

They told preacher that the reason for the power was an unholy pairing of an angel and a demon - presumably the pair from this season.

Well, fake teeth and a “wall-eye” contact lens will accomplish quite a lot. But, yeah: he’s good. (Ritter is currently a semi-regular on Lodge 49 where he plays yet a third type of character very convincingly: a smart con-man, basically.)

I hadn’t remembered that dialogue—that would seem to settle the question.

I abandoned this season. Saw a 30-second trailer and decided, “Nah”. Deleted them off the DVR. Wife says the show really crawled up its own ass.

FWIW I think the season has really picked up. Apparently what it needed was to be given a finite number of episodes to tell the story, so the characters don’t just sit around moping all the time (they’re still doing that, but other stuff is finally happening).

Plus the whole “We’re the Americans!” thing from a few episodes ago did make me laugh a lot.

The show doesn’t even pretend to explain how Tulip’s Chevelle gets to and from the US, Australia and the Middle East, sometimes within a single episode. And I’m OK with that. And in the most recent episode, God punished Jesse for even thinking he might like to sit in God’s throne but was totally cool with Herr Starr’s vanity.

Not that it’s super realistic, but it is addressed. Every time the car travels to another continent, there’s a shot of a large ship with hundreds of cargo containers.

I am enjoying the season. I didn’t quite get why Cassidy kept sabotaging his own rescue. I’m liking the extra screen time for Jesus, and I imagine the actor likes getting a break from Humperdoo.