Preacher: Season 3 (open spoilers)

Begins June 24th!


The previews look great! Can’t wait for this to come back!!

It’s all gone very quiet…

I’m only three episodes in but I have to say that I’m very impressed with the casting of the new season. Betty Buckley is spectacular as Gran’ma, and Jeremy Childs’ Jody has got the right level of quiet malevolence and violence. Weirdly, they’ve made TC less creepy than the comic but I’m not sure I could have withstood a whole season featuring a character having sex with any animals and inanimate objects he could get his hands on.

I forgot there was a thread for this season.

So far, I’ve been enjoying it way more than previous seasons. Especially Cassidy - I think the writers are doing a great job in developing his character. He’s become so much more than just a drug addict vampire. (if that makes any sense :slight_smile: )

Only seems to come to life when the Grail is involved. Herr Starr steals every scene he’s in.

Odd connections: the TV was on Jurassic Park III this weekend, and as the end credits ran by, I saw a familiar name: Mark Harelik (God) as Ben, the uncle who takes his nephew parasailing and gets them stranded on the island. So he wasn’t in the movie long, but still, one of those things that make you go, “huh.”

I’m liking the Angelville storyline a lot more than the crew holing up with Cassidy’s son. That dragged.

I’m out of town, so I didn’t watch this week’s episode but I was wondering something about an episode a couple of weeks ago. In one scene, Herr Starr had Humperdoo rehearse meeting the UK queen. Everything seemed to be going OK until Humperdoo was supposed to kiss the queen’s ring. Instead he sucked on her finger. (I was cringing because I thought he might actually bite it off.) But if he’s the Christian Messiah, shouldn’t she have been kissing his ring? Didn’t European royalty kiss the Pope’s ring? And there was another scene in which Herr Starr appeared to have a video chat with what seemed to be the Pope, although a grossly obese one who was eating very messily.

And I’m not sure how well this plan of presenting either Humperdoo or Jesse Custer as the Messiah could possibly work, since neither is actually.

I thought there was a sickly crunch sound that indicated he had actually bitten off her finger.

The scene was probably just shown to demonstrate his lack of social graces. The Queen is head of her own franchise of the church, so would not kiss the Pope’s ring.

The Pope-like figure was Allfather D’Aronique, the head of the Grail.

Wait, I thought Humperdoo WAS the Messiah?

Edited to add: I didn’t see this week’s yet, so if that question is answered or something this week, please don’t say.

Humperdoo is a direct descendant of Christ but I don’t think that makes him the Messiah.

She wouldn’t kiss the Pope’s ring but don’t Catholic monarchs do so?

Since the actress didn’t scream, I assumed he was taking the stone off her ring with his teeth.

Needs more Hitler.

Yes, they keep showing Hitler in the coming attractions, but so far, not much Hitler.

Like others, I’m liking the Angelville stuff (particularly the criminally under-used Betty Buckley) and the Cassidy stuff. I’m not as enthusiastic about the Grail story-line (though Pip Torrens is awesome). As has been mentioned, the whole ‘who will be the Messiah?’ plot is not being sold very plausibly.

And Hell is definitely on the back-burner, so far. Presumably it will rejoin the main plot soon.

Why did the Devil tell the Saint to bring Hitler and the kid back “alive”? I don’t get that.

I’m guessing when the Saint kills you - you stay dead.

Or he means that killing them (to send them to hell) is somehow different than walking them thru the front door.

The show seems to be glossing over the idea that only one’s soul ends up in heaven or hell, probably because that’s impossible to illustrate. So when the devil says that the Saint should bring them back alive, he means in a form that allows for continued torture. I would like to see what Hitler has been up to in this world.

Going by the quick flash in the opening credits of every episode, Hitler seems to be working in a fast food restaurant.

…and going by “Hilter”. Maybe he’s running in the North Minehead by-election?