Predict it here! The last living Beatle

So we got two Beatles left: Paul & Ringo. They’re both really old, and neither will probably live to sing “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 164.”

Vote now for which one you think will be the LAST LIVING BEATLE. DO NOT VOTE FOR WHICH ONE YOU THINK WILL DIE NEXT.

Who will be the last living Beatle: Paul or RIngo. Vote now before it’s too late!

  • Ringo “Richard Starkey” Starr
  • Paul “The Walrus” McCartney

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I voted for Paul. But it would be ironic if Pete Best outlives them all.

They seem to be dying in reverse order of talent, so I vote for Ringo to be the last man standing. No disrespect intended, though; I love them all.

I voted for Ringo. That the least famous one would outlive them all would be fitting.

I was too logical, Ringo is the oldest I picked him to die first. It’s truly remarkable how long he’s lived, he was a very sickly kid

Paul, definitely. He’s younger, he’s richer, and he’s been a vegetarian for decades. Most importantly, he’s always been the most disciplined Beatle (by which I mean he’s a bit of a control freak). I’m sure Paul undergoes regular medical tests, eats what his nutritionists tell him to, and works our regularly, whereas Ringo… just takes it easy.

Plus, he already died once, and it didn’t seem to take.

I’m not sure I could even guess. They’re both close to the same age, they both (appear) very healthy when I see them on TV/youtube doing interviews. They’re both vegetarians. Neither of them are likely to OD or have an obesity related disease any time soon.
I’ll vote for Ringo outliving Paul. No particular reason.

I’m a big believer in probability and statistics, so I vote for McCartney because he is two years younger than Ringo Starr.

I’m voting for Ringo because he also seemed to get the last laugh.

Ringo is the last living Beatle. Paul died first. Weren’t you guys paying attention? Oh yeah, some of you aren’t old enough to remember.

Ringo, definitely. He’s not even trying that hard and he is still sharp.
Paul will give him a run for his money, though

But whenever you see those people that live to 110, they’re always like “Yeah, I just eat bacon everyday”

Ringo, because as the Beatles everyman he should be close to immortal.

Keith Richards will outlive them all (and the rest of the Stones), however.

Richards died years ago. The drugs just haven’t worn off yet.

I also pick Ringo for no reason I can articulate beyond his having aged more gracefully than Paul.

Comment: No question about Paul being more talented than Ringo, but FWIW my heretical opinion has always been as instrumentalists the ranking would gave been Paul on bass at #1 with Ringo a very close second place. He was a far better drummer than many people persist in thinking. John on rhythm guitar in the #3 spot. No disrespect intended toward George who was always my “favorite” Beatle, the one I admired most as a person and would have wanted to spend time with.

All of the above is my fallible human OPINION, so please temper your outrage accordingly.

End of mild hijack. My money’s on Ringo for Last Fab Standing.

I was 19 at the time and still remember the silliness. As I remember it only lasted a week or so.

I don’t wish to derail this thread but Paul was the most talented one. Had he died instead of John I’m sure we would all agree on that. When the Beatles became a studio band and did all those incredible albums from Rubber Soul onwards it coincided with Paul starting to do much more of the songwriting. In the earlier days John was more central to the songwriting.

This is just a bit too morbid for me, sorry.

Based on Ringo being slightly older I assume McCartney will be the last Beatle standing, but it’s really a toss-up. But are very healthy and active for their age. I’m pretty sure McCartney gave up cigarettes as well as going vegetarian - I don’t know if Ringo still smokes or not. If he does, that counts against him, if not… well, it’s a coin toss.

Mr. and Mrs. Starr have paid a small fortune to age that gracefully.