Predict the outcome of the Massachusetts special election

Closest guess wins a big old bucket of pride. Closest is determined by absolute value of the differences in your guesses for the 4 options below as compared to the actual results.

Coakley - 48
Brown - 45
Kennedy - 4
Other - 3

As a an example, if the results really are 55-42-2-1, my variance would be 14 (7+3+2+2). Tie goes to the earliest response time.

Brown - 49
Coakley - 47
Kennedy -3
Other - 1

I think Coakley’s ads are going to back fire on her: with the popularity of the health care reform constantly losing ground, saying that he wants to be the one vote to “Kill Ted Kennedy’s reform bill” probably sounds like a good thing to a lot of voters, not a bad one.

There is, IMO, zero chance that the Democrats are going to lose this seat. No way are the voters of Massachusetts going to install a Republican into the sacred seat once held by a Kennedy.

Coakley 51%
Brown 43%
Kennedy 3%
Other 3%

Brown’s ahead in the most recent polls, so we’ll see.

I’d be entirely unsurprised to see Brown take it. I do find it disheartening that people inclined to vote for an empty suit don’t at least go for a better quality suit.

Narrow Democratic victory. Close enough to impact the national narrative going into the 2010 election cycle.

I think Brown has it based on recent polls and he is growing stronger every single day. Martha Coakley made the dual mistake of not opening her mouth very much and then opening it when things got tight. She is a true embarrassment and not fit to be a U.S. Senator other than the fact that she is registered as a Democrat in Massachusetts. I may be biased because I live fairly close to Scott Brown but the tidal wave for him is strong at the moment.

The Boston area media such as the Boston Herald and talk radio like FM 96.9 is brutalizing Coakely for such a poor campaign, her intelligence, and sense of entitlement. She has made some severe blunders. One of which was a campaign ad that misspelled Massachusetts but there are several more. You may have to live here to see what is going on but it is a David and Goliath race and we all know how that turned out.

I don’t want to go with specific numbers but I predict Scott Brown by a small margin. His only problem is that his campaign picked up so much steam so quickly that his team couldn’t keep up with the demand for simple things like yard signs or campaign callers so people started doing that on their own.

It really depends on voter turnout at this point and many people feel strongly about Scott Brown. It is hard to love Martha Coakley. Plus, I don’t swing that way but Scott Brown is supposedly very good looking with few known character flaws and that never hurts.

Oh Scott Brown… they don’t knooow much, but they know they loooove yooooooou, and that may beeeee all they neeeeeeed to knoooooooooow. :smiley:

I think Coakley will probably eke out a slim victory, but I won’t be surprised if Brown wins. From talking to people, there’s no sense of the “sacred Kennedy” Senate seat that Martha seems to have been counting on.

BTW, I just got a call from Curt Schilling, who told me that Martha Coakley accused him of being a Yankees fan. What a bitch!