Predict which Republican will say the first/craziest thing about Souter's replacement

My picks:

Craziest: Michelle (Of Course) Bachman.
First: Rush Limbaugh

Smartest: Obama himself. After all, it’s a lifetime job.

Obama is not a Republican.

Bachman has to pay way less than even money to win.

Well, there’s already been an article whining about the fact that the person will not be a white male. Does that count?
Best part - the picture of a white guy is labeled “stock photo” - in case you weren’t sure what a white male looked like seeing as there are so few of them in government.

No, but the GOPers might feel it was a good way to get him out of the White House. Then he would only replace another liberal Justice. However, what they would feel about Biden is another matter.:smiley:

Wow! That article is so white, the text is invisible against the background!
More seriously, is anyone else unable to the text of that article?

Bachmann has been on a role lately. She had the craziest thing to say about the financial crisis and about swine flu. I think she can pull this one off too. My guess is that she’ll write a bill ensuring that Obama picks an American for the Supreme Court.

I see no article on that page.

Nope no article. The title is a hyperlink which brings you right back to the same page

I’m sure Ann Coulter is already preparing a 300 page accusation of witchcraft.

I bet the right-wingers throw Roe-v-Wade parties and throw little fake fetuses at people.

A lot of the good choices are already taken. But put me down for Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin isn’t crazy in the Bachman sense, nor is she evil in the Limbaugh sense. She’s just stupid.

Oh, I dont know, perhaps her church will collaborate in the edition of Coulter’s 300 page witchcraft allegation,

You think Governor Palin has ever read anything 300 pages long?

Well perhaps if it had lot of pictu… nah.

But perhaps she added a “Gotcha ya!, you Betcha!” to the prologue?

ah forget it.