So What Public Figure is Going to Make the Most Incendiary Quote About the Election?

Place your bets… this is over the course of the next 72 hours.

Rush Limbaugh:Wednesday is even money

Ann Coulter (who the GOP did an amazing job of keeping a muzzle on)- also even money, but double money if she works in a racial slur.

I’m placing a bet on Sean Hannity though. He’s going to explode on air tomorrow night, charge election fraud, demand a recount, and make some comment about how Alaska will soon be used as a reeducation camp.

Do they still let Michelle Bachman chick on the television? She is totally full of teh crazies.

I’m going to take the long odds and go with George Allen.

I’m going with the always dependable Ralph Nader. Thank god he is now completely irrelevent. Michelle Bachmann will also throw out some unimaginably stupid incendiary remark, but she actually means it. I’m quite sure she feels she has a mandate from God. She puts Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh to shame.

Already made by that moron Chris Matthews. When PA was declared for Obama, he mentioned something about how it was the second battle of Gettysburg and that like the first time, the Republicans lost.
What a fucking idiot.

Why do you assume the stupid, incendiary statements will come from the right?

More likely, the stupid, incendiary statements will come from Obama supporters (especially African American ones) who know that they’ve won, and no longer have to be on their best behavior.

NOW they can say what they really think, without fear it will cost their man the election. And they will speak.

It could get embarrassing quickly for a candidate who was promoting unity.

Because of how they were acting BEFORE the election.

Indeed, since Lincoln’s side won, and Honest Abe was a Republican.

No, that’s just a single-minded conceit of yours.

That’s not incendiary, just stupid.

Hardly. It’s the right that’s been ranting about how he’s the Antichrist/a terrorist/a Communist/etc.

I’m betting on Keith Oberman. He’s fine when he’s on the defensive, but doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut when on the winning side.

If she wins, she’ll promote her Anti-American Witch Hunt.

If she loses, she’ll say the Anti-Americans stole the election from her and put a pinko commie jew comedian in the Senate.

She’s currently leading by under 1,000 votes…

Oh, and the Left hasn’t been doing the same thing the last 4 years?

I think it will be Howard Cosell, in some posthumously discovered memoirs.

Ya know, I don’t recall anyone on the left calling Obama a terrorist, communist, or the anti-christ during the last 4 years.

Can I still vote? Ralph Nader.

Cosell called Obama a monkey!? :wink:

Don’t know how incendiary this is, but Spike Lee did something in questionable taste this morning.

On Morning Joe today, at the end of his interview, Lee held up a t-shirt depicting Obama as a boxer standing over McCain face down on the canvas, with the words “Down Goes McCain” written on it.

Exactly the type of classless gloating we can do without.