Prediction: The Red Skull is in Infinity War

It’s pretty clear he didn’t die at the end of the first CA movie and it sure looks like he got shot into space so I think the Red Skull will be the secondary bad guy in Infinity War. He will be the Darth Vader to Thanos’ emperor (i.e. the bad guy who actually gets his hands dirty and takes an active role fighting the good guys).

I’m also positive a main character Avenger dies at the end. Leaning towards Captain America but could see it be Iron Man too.

I’m going to say No and You Have No Idea.

Hugo Weaving has shown zero interest in returning as Red Skull, so unless they money-whip him into compliance, that’s a non-starter. As for character deaths…freaking EVERYBODY will be dead at the end of Infinity War. That’s kinda the point of the story (or the halfway point, to be precise.)


They could always cast someone else in the role, as they did for the Hulk and War Machine.