Predictions on election day related violence?

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Homeless woman tries to defend Trump’s new star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Mob assails her with vile language, orders her to leave (“Get yo’ ass outta here, bitch/muthafucka”), tears up her signs, trips her and makes her falls (maybe knocks her out), etc., etc.


Exactly right! The left are totalitarian and this election cycle have been the predominant instigators and participants of violent activity. Disgraceful pigs in that video assaulting that woman who is exercising her freedom. I guess she “consequenced.” Blocking people from going to class. Attacking Trump supporters at his events. Shouting down and intimidating speakers. That’s the modern left.

How is that relevant? Is there a left wing approved sign comrade that you need to get a permit from to prevent assault?

I’,m just trying to get the whole story here, because what was supposedly presented to us was a woman that was there to promote Trump’s Walk of Fame star, yet NONE of her inflammatory posters are about that subject, it seems. 18 seconds in you can spot the (partial?)word “FUCKER”, 28 seconds in(after she has fallen over without being pushed and just huddles on the ground) you see another poster with the word “MOTHERFUCKER”, and(according to the person who posted the video) her first action upon getting up was to make a brand new sign that read “fuck Mexicans, vote for Trump”. He also said this:

BTW, in the first video in that 3-part series she is holding up a sign that starts off “Dd HILLARY CLINTON screw WeineR’s Wife?” By the time I got through watching Video #2 I was seriously beginning to wonder if this whole thing wasn’t a big put on.

As of yet no one can seem to find this woman that was shouting racial insults at people passing by. Maybe the person who made the videos and claims to be a friend of hers could be questioned, but she(and all the videos) have disappeared.

You seem to be confusing the Trump alternate universe with the real one that we live in.

Besides being based on the demographics and gun-totin’ ideology of his supporters and the way these wannabe brownshirts treat dissent at his rallies, it’s also based on things that the illustrious candidate himself has said, like…
“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” Mr. Trump said, as the crowd began to boo. He quickly added: “Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Oblique as it was, Mr. Trump’s remark quickly elicited a wave of condemnation from Democrats, gun control advocates and others, who accused him of suggesting violence against Mrs. Clinton or liberal jurists. Bernice A. King, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., called Mr. Trump’s words “distasteful, disturbing, dangerous.”

With regard to the OP question, I don’t know what to say because this entire election is so unprecedented in so many ways. My guess is that there will be isolated occurrences of mostly minor violence and vandalism from random lunatics, but nothing widespread.

Trump supporters (Trumpettes?) are good at trash talking but will fold like a house of cards once the election is lost.