Preemptive license plate

This morning a nasty looking woman whipped her car in front of mine in traffic, causing me to have to slam on my brakes. I then had a good view of her license plate:

If only I’d gotten that license plate that said: YESUR

The fact that she must so-publicly deny it proves she is.

I would have taken it to mean “I’m innocent.”

Perhaps she means “I’m Nascent”. It’s obvious her driving skills haven’t matured.

seen on the back of a strawberry pink something-or-other (large, early 60’s body type, but not classic enough to be “cool”) “MY WORLD”
And you’re welcome to it!

I thought it was ‘I’m nascent’. If she were innocent, it would be IMNOCNT.

You assume you can spell.

Ar? :confused: Last I checked, ‘innocent’ is spelled how I spelled it.

The only other possibilities I’ve been able to come up with are:

  • I (have) a Minnesota accent
  • I’m an account(ant)