Preferers of Wimmin, care to hop on this poll?

Just polling because it’s Monday. And there’s nothing else to do.

my preference: YES!

whatever she likes to wear… if she feels hot and sexy doing it, I can like it.

I voted Other - Naked & Horny is my preference.

I voted “other” - I like my wimmins in velvet and silk.

q: why do men like women in leather pants?

a: because they smell like new trucks.

Not enough green dots dammit.

Thin cotton tees w/ panties/pajama bottoms, maybe denim. I like the rumpled domestic look. Satin pajamas feel nice.

Lace and nylons are a negative for me from a tactile POV, leather is too much work and you have to be in the right mood for nighties, otherwise they can look a little ridiculous.

Just about anything womany looks good hanging on the bedpost or strewn on the floor. :smiley:

This. 100%

I find lingerie to be quite unappealing, most of the time. It can depend on circumstances and context, but generally it feels artificial and deliberate, which I don’t like at all. Other popularly used accessories for attraction that I don’t like include make up, high heels, stockings, and even jewellery.

The closest I come to tradition are strappy shoes and sandals. I like things that emphasise the ankle.

Don’t you have some claims to adjust?

Elf Ears and Gossamer.
Clingy White Wife Beater and Joe Boxers with the waist furled.
Flower in her hair and one of those long hippie skirts.
Coconut shells and palm fronds.
Garters and lace.
Panties… just panties.

Stole my answer.

All that is good. Nothing at all is good. Velvet and brocade is good. As well as a variety of things I haven’t thought of.

I picked other. I never understood why some (seems like most) men give a flying shit what a woman is wearing. I don’t care about lace or stockings or stripper heels or boots or leather or anything on a woman. The naked form is what revs my engine.

The fact that some men out there fetishize clothing so much that they dress up in woman’s clothing makes me laugh my ass off just thinking about it. What losers.

Cotton, please. For myself and my lady friends.

Cotton, fleece, satin, nothing…the smooth stuff. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen them all naked, but I have never seen them all in elf ears and a gossamer garment with perfect panties. I am visualizing a particular woman like this right now and it stirs my loins. just the perfect drape on Breast, Hips, and Buttocks, some men really love the subtle visual cues… Ultimately I want them nude, but there’s nothing wrong with visual foreplay.

This one dimensional thinking is pretty much on par with how lower species think. Like Baboons, dogs, etc…

For us higher thinking mammals who can appreciate art; sometimes gilding the lily isn’t such a bad thing.

So you hang your women from the bedpost before tossing them to the floor?

Yep. Round these parts that’s considered foreplay. :smiley: