Men: What do you like to see women wearing?

Several times I’ve heard women explaining that they don’t primarily wear fashion to attract men, but to impress other women. Be that as it may, why not find out what looks good to men? Please, no slave-of-Gor slutwear fantasies; I’m asking about real clothing worn by real women IRL.

Women’s attire that is most pleasing to my eyes:

–Long flowing skirts. Ankle-length skirts & dresses. These look excellent on all women. Two varieties especially: flowing Indian-print skirts, and solid black Lycra skirts.

–The Indian sari is the most beautiful and most feminine garment in the world. I melt instantly when I see this. My wife wears sari when she really wants to get on my good side.

–Long-sleeved leotards.

I’m refusing to respond on the basis that I would be slapped, and slapped hard.

Not unreasonably…

I like my wife to wear dresses or skirts with a good size slit on the side or in front. Then black hose (the absolute best looking on a woman) and high heels with a gold ankle braclet.

Business attire works for me. I love work.

For casual, I prefer flowing skirts and loose blouses.

For exercise wear, skin-tight gray outfits (the same color sweatshirts used to come in, just using lycra instead).

And for accessories, the choker is just about the sexiest thing ever.

I like women in blue jeans and flannel shirts.

…Purtty wimmin… Hmmm…

OK. Right. Got that outta my system.

It really varies on the woman’s shape and height (cop-out answer).

I’ve a client whom wears the wildest array of pants, dresses, skirts , jackets, and suits. The only common themes they all share are: Tight, and they look GOOD on her. She’s got a sense of herself and what looks good. On the other hand My SO looks stunning in a long skirt and a cable-knit or fisherman’s sweater. She also looks pretty sleek-n-sexy in a tight turtleneck under a sportcoat, with slacks. One of my sisters wears knit tops and peasant skirts, another wears slinky business suits, and yet both manage to look professional and fasionable at the same time (don’t ask me how, but it works for them).

I guess the real answer is: Whatever they want, as long as they know what they’re doing.

Muumuus, caftans, tarps, um… Veils, body bags…

Anything with that complete coverage for the Muslim woman on the go.

We do??? Good to know, I suppose, being a woman and everything.

BTW, you will typically find me wearing pants of some kind (never jeans, though) and a long sleeved shirt under a short sleeved one. I wear clothes that are comfortable, not impressive.

Who cares about clothes? It’s the woman underneath…

Jeans and a T-shirt are just fine with me.

Who cares about the woman underneath? It’s the vagi…

OW! Who threw th…

OW!! quit it!

OK, I’m leaving.

Not a sock on their elbow…thats for damn sure… :smiley:

I remember my wife telling our daughter this one time when she wanted something that “everybody had,” and couldn’t live without.

It isn’t what the woman wears that makes the impression on a man but rather how she wears it.

I’d say that kind of wraps it up for me. Some women can wear Paris originals and look frumpy, others can wear house dresses and Moomoos and look like a million dollars.

Pretty much anything my lady wears looks fine to me.

Whatever they feel they look good in. Some girls can wear a mini-skirt, bikini top and the “do-me-now” heels that I love, and be so self conscious that they look like a scared puppy sitting in a corner and it defeats the whole purpose. If a girl is wearing what looks good on her, and knows she looks good, and is confident in looking good, then she gives off the attitude of “Yeah, I’m hot, I know you want me, and you know you can’t have me”. It’s the confidence combined with the clothing, that turns me to putty, whether it’s sweats, a gown, jeans, anything.

I can boil it down to one thing.

Stirrup pants. Man oh man. God’s gift to me!

And Mrs Chance wears them to get a rise out of me.

I feel so powerless.

I dunno, it might not work too well with formal wear, but I’m always a sucker for a woman with a bandana over her hair…


Jeans and ANYTHING look good. On most women.

Well, except perhaps jeans, and another pair of jeans. That may not look so great.

I like the jeans and sweatshirt look too, but what is the look that makes me weak in the knees?
Summer dresses.
The thin ones with prints or checks and two straps over the shoulders…with a white tshirt under…shorter sleeves to show off arms…oooohhhhhh my!
maybe some espadrilles or sandals…oh man I love that look

Hip-huggers with a slight flair bell-bottom. Bare mid-rif top. Hair that can be worn in a number of ways.

Hot pants, if they have the shape. I throw my keys and credit cards on the table and say, “Take me!”

A southern accent is a nice accessory.

Otherwise, I agree with the others who say it is the woman underneath. A woman with a good sense of what looks good on her and makes her feel confident will always look better than someone trying to be fashionable and has the wrong body or skin tone. I am not impressed with designer labels, even if worn on the outside.

Fashion is what is offered, style is what you choose.

I think women could wear anything and still be sexy. Paper bags, sweat pants, body paint, jeans… it’s all good.

Mini skirts

in any kind of outfit… professional,fancy,sprty,comfy,sexy…

Just let the skirt be at lieast 4 or 5 inchres higer than the kneecap and I am yours!!