Preferred Super Bowl matchup (Feb 2019)

Quick poll, what would you like? I’m hoping for Chiefs-Rams or Chargers-Rams.

I think it’s kind of early for this, and a poll that discounts Chicago’s chances is really not much of a poll, is it? Perhaps you should expand the choices and start over…

I’m from Boston. How do you think I voted?


Poll needs more Bears.

Whoops! Yes. Forgot all about da Bears.

12 teams make the NFL playoffs. Way to eliminate half the field two weeks before the regular season even ends.

Is it too early to do this poll for 2020?

New England v. Seattle. Seattle wins in landslide

Would be ironic if Seattle runs the ball on the 1-yard line and gets stuffed this time.

That would not happen. :mad:

No, it would be a fumble returned the other way for a TD.

What a weird set of choices.

For me it’s Chiefs v. Bears.

It seems weird as a Texans fan to not pick the Texans option, but I don’t think they ‘deserve’ to end up in the Super Bowl. They just aren’t good enough, yet. Now, it doesn’t matter how ‘good’ a team is, and plenty of times the Super Bowl’s been won by a team which wasn’t objectively considered among the best of the field going into the playoffs, but that’s how I see it.

I think the Chargers and Saints would provide the most entertaining game. By which I mean the greatest offensive show. It’d be the Chiefs before they kicked out Hunt for being a woman-beating asshole, but such is life.

I’d prefer the Bears or the Redskins out of the NFC. There’s an annual SDMB pick the Super Bowl winner contest once we know the playoff teams.

My Colts vs. somebody out of the NFC.

I say we do it pro wrestling style raiders charges and rams in a battle royale winner gets la for ever losers leave the nfl forever ……

Hm, do you want a triple-threat match between their QBs, or a 159-man Royal Rumble?

Chargers Saints. My two favorite QB’s.

Other – Tennessee vs. Washington, a.k.a. “my favorite team vs. the worst team in the other conference that hasn’t been eliminated from the playoffs.” Oddly enough, we’re getting a preview on national TV Saturday! (You’re forgiven if you don’t watch.)

As a neutral, I want to see Kansas City. We’ve seen Chiefs-Rams already, so let’s try Chiefs-Saints.

I’d only want Patriots in the game if it was Pats vs. Bears, Mack and Co. re-enact 1985, and kick Brady’s ass so hard he retires immediately following the game.

As a Raiders fan I have to hate the Chargers but objectively Rivers deserves at least one shot in the big game.

the rumble …just gotta make sure theres no last minute signees from either 'hood