NFL Playoffs Thread: Who wins it all?

Come here, offer your analysis, and be fearless with your picks. I’m honestly too tired and my heart’s not into it in this first post, but you can bet your boots I’ll have more to say between now and Saturday.

A few thoughts right off the bat:

Indy and Philly are surging.

KC, LA Rams, and NO are obviously good but ended the year a little shaky.

New England’s New England…though a bit older.

Don’t forget about Baltimore and San Diego.

San Diego? Do you mean the Orange County/LA Chargers of San Diego?

There are already two threads on the playoffs/Superbowl:

My bad.

MODS, feel free to take this thread down.


I originally picked SD v. CHI in Super Bowl in week 14. That was before my Eagles got in by Chicago trouncing of Vikings.

Where the hell were the Vikings?? I expected Nagy to sit all starters in 2nd quarter. But it’s like they didn’t want the Vikings, they’d rather have the Eagles.

And Nagy reminds me of Pederson. He’s got new guys to work with and he’s proving it. Who here or anywhere thought the Bears would clinch NFC North 4 weeks ago? No one did.

I’m rooting for Eagles, but I think Da Bears are the dark horse.

I see New Orleans vs Kanas City, with New Orleans winning it.