NFL playoff predictions

OK, well, the brackets are set, who do you think is going to win in the playoffs and of course the Super Bowl?


Jets vs Pats
Chiefs vs Indianapolis

Bye: Baltimore, San Diego

Cowboys vs Seahawks
Giants vs Eagles

Bye: Chicago, New Orleans

My prediction:
Pats beat Jets, Indy beats Chiefs

Pats beat Bolts
Ravens beat Indy

Ravens beat Pats to go to Miami

'Boys over Seatle
Eagles over Giants

Bears and Saints win round 2

Saints beat Chicago to go to the dance

Ravens beat Saints in the Super Bowl


I’ll take Jets over the Pats, and Indy over KC.

T’Bolts over Indy, Ravens over Jets (guessing at the seeding)

Ravens over T’bolts for AFC Title.


Seattle over Dallas, Philly over NYG

Saints over Philly, Seattle over Chicago

Saints over Seattle for the NFC Title


New Orleans Saints 31
Baltimore Ravens 27

Ok lets see…


Jets over Pats
Indy over Chiefs


Jets over Ravens
Indy over Chargers


Chargers over Jets for AFC Championship
Seahawks over Cowboys
Giants over Eagles


Chicago over Seahawks
Saints over Giants


Saints over Chicago


Colts over Saints


Jets vs Pats
Chiefs vs Indianapolis

Bye: Baltimore, San Diego

My picks:
Patriots over Jets
Colts over Chiefs

Chargers over Ravens
Ravens over Colts.

Chargers over Ravens. Marty finally gets to the Super Bowl


Cowboys vs Seahawks
Giants vs Eagles

Eagles over Giants
Cowboys over Seahawks

Bye: Chicago, New Orleans
Cowboys upset Bears
Saints beat Eagles

Saints beat Cowboys.
Super Bowl: Saints beat Chargers. Martyball falls short again.

In the AFC, the Colts will narrowly take care of the Chiefs and the Patriots will handily defeat the Jets. In the NFC, the Seahawks will beat the 'Boys and the Giants will lose to the Eagles (much as it pains me to say that).

In the second round San Diego will beat the Patriots and the Colts will lose in a squeaker to Baltimore, while the Saints will take care of Philly and the Bears will beat Seattle.

San Diego spanks Baltimore in the AFC Championship game, and the Bears eke out a narrow victory in the NFC Championship.

San Diego beats the Bears 27-20 in the Super Bowl, and Schottenheimer gets his ring.

NFC: Cowboys lose to the Seahawks, Eagles crush the Giants. Seahawks beat the Bears (seriously flawed QBs are exposed in the playoffs), and then lose at the Linc to the Eagles, who (obviously) triumph over the Saints. San Diego wins it all in the AFC, to lose to the Birds in the Super Bowl. The Eagles, who lost again and again in years they were “supposed” to win, win it all in a year that some thought they wouldn’t even make the play-offs.

BTW way, I may be misunderstanding how the play-off match-ups work, because some of the predictions here seem impossible to me.

Obviously I meant Colts over Jets since I have them beating the Chargers :smack:

Chiefs over Colts
Patriots over Jets

Ravens over Patriots
Chargers over Chiefs

Chargers over Ravens
Cowboys over Seahawks
Eagles over Giants

Cowboys over Bears
Saints over Eagles

Saints over Cowboys

Super Bowl: Chargers over Saints

I don’t think your matchups are right there. If the Jets & Colts win in the first round, then the second round is Jets at Chargers and Colts at Ravens.

Here’s the seeding:


  1. SD
  2. Bal

  1. Ind
  2. NE
  3. NYJ
  4. KC


  1. Chi
  2. NO

  1. Phi
  2. Sea
  3. Dal
  4. NYG

The top 2 teams in each conference get a bye in the first round. Otherwise, the lowest seed always plays at the highest seed.

My picks:

Ind over KC
NE over NYJ

SD over NE
Ind over Bal

SD over Ind

Dal over Sea
Phi over NYG

Dal over Chi
NO over Phi

NO over Dal (unfortunately)

Super Bowl
SD over NO


First Round:
IND-KCI. Chiefs over Colts. Larry Johnson has already suffered a career-ending injury (416 carries means it’s over, forever, goodbye Hall of Fame), but he may still be able to eke out another 30 carries before disintegration. I hope he has one last good game left, and an “ok” game against the Colts is 20 carries for 220 yards including 15 first downs. This one will be high-scoring - remember the 2003 playoff matchup where neither side punted?

NWE-JET. Jets over Patriots. The Patriots’ defense is depleted, and Tom Brady is hurt. The Jets are set on the offensive line for years and should be able to get past the excellent Pats’ D-line and attack the awful linebackers and secondary. This one will be close.

Second Round:

BAL-JET. Ravens over Jets. The Ravens are capable of stopping the Jets with ease as well as plowing right through them. Steve McNair has always been good in the playoffs, and the Jets won’t get to him enough to take him out. The Baltimore defense is as good as any right now; Ray Lewis is still a star because the defensive tackles have played very well. This won’t be close; the spread will be at least 6 and the Ravens will still cover it anyway.

SDI-KCI. Chargers over Chiefs. The Chiefs don’t match up well against San Diego - they’re not built to stop Tomlinson, and if they stack the line Rivers can beat them anyway. The Chargers’ D should pound Trent Green a bit while stopping Larry Johnson. This one won’t be close either.

AFC Championship
SDI-BAL. Chargers over Ravens. This is the real Super Bowl, and will probably be the best game of the year. Both teams are built to win NOW - and they have. They are the best two teams in the league and it isn’t close, with all deficiencies covered well and some very capable playmakers on both sides of the ball. It will come down to the wire, but Brian Billick will learn that Martyball isn’t being played anymore.

The first two rounds are, like the AFC, just a warmup to a thrilling conference championship game.


First Round
PHI-GIA. Eagles over Giants. Jeff Garcia didn’t look to have much left when he played for the Browns and Lions. That is because the Browns and Lions cannot “block” or “get open”. With the Eagles, he doesn’t have to carry a piano uphill, and the rest of the team will blow apart the disintegrating Giants.

SEA-DAL. Cowboys over Seahawks. The Seahawks broke the Super Bowl Losers’ curse, but they also broke their entire secondary in the past three weeks and will get torched by Owens, Glenn, and Witten. This one won’t be close, either.

Second Round
CHI-DAL. Bears over Cowboys. One if by Grossman, three if by Griese. The best pass defense in the league should stop the Cowpokes, but Rex Grossman has been as bad as Craig Krenzel and Kyle Orton recently, and could lose the game by himself. If he is benched for Brian Griese this is a complete team with a scary defense.

NOR-PHI. Saints over Eagles. The first three rules of playing cornerback are “1. Don’t get beat deep. 2. Don’t get beat deep. 3. Don’t get beat deep”. Drew Brees leads a complex and high-flying offense into the playoffs, and they should pour forty points over the Eagles and beat them. The Eagles cannot stop all of their receivers at once - and if they try Reggie Bush will beat them.

NFC Championship
CHI-NOR. Bears over Saints. This will be almost as spectacular as the Ravens-Chargers game; watching Chicago stop the Saints’ air game will be a treat. The biggest problem with the Bears is that they aren’t very consistent offensively, and “stopping” the Saints still means you need 21-28 points to beat them. Either way, the winner goes to the slaughterhouse.

Super Bowl
SDI-CHI on neutral field. Chargers over Bears. The Bears can keep the Chargers’ offense from running up the score; the problem here is that if the Chargers score 21 they win, and it may even be a shutout - and what a way would that be for Marty Schottenheimer to go out.