Pregancy Question for the Ladies

Barring complete removal of the required bits and pieces or menopause, do (or did) you always worry about being pregnant, no matter which contraceptive method you used?

Me, if I’m even a day late I start fretting about it until my period shows up, and since I am in peri-menopause, that happens a lot. I’ve gone 52 days between periods before. It’s like the constant little bug in the back of my brain that’s whispering about it all day long. Heck, I even worry about it when I know for a fact that my partner has had a vasectomy.

When does that anxiety stop?

That is one of the very few things I never worry about!

Back in my potentially fertile days, I never worried about pregnancy (though in retrospect there were probably times when I should have).

Is there some reason why you have a special anxiety about this? Frankly, if you are in peri-menopause and your partner has had a vasectomy, and you are still anxious, it sounds like there must be something else going on. It’s not logical to worry so much given the circumstances you describe.

That being the case, it’s hard to answer your question of “when does the anxiety stop?” It sounds like in your case it may not stop until you address whatever is really causing it.

I’m not close to peri/menopause, but no, I’ve never been overly concerned about falling pregnant. I tend not to get anxious about things anyway, and my cycles have never been regular so I was late or early every month. I’ve had an IUD in for some time and haven’t had a period in years and years.

It sounds like it’s more anxiety itself than fear of getting pregnant, IMO. The anxiety is just manifesting as a fear of pregnancy.

I had a couple of scares back in the day. I was very irregular through my 20s. I wouldn’t say I was super anxious during these particular times, but I did worry until I actually got my period.

I didn’t mean to make it sound so serious. Sorry about that! What I really meant was, when on some sort of contraception (I’ve got the Essure plugs, my partner had a vasectomy) and your period is a bit late, do you automatically think OMG I"M PREGNANT for a bit before your common sense kicks in?

It’s more or less a low level constant worry kind of like whether or not I’ll be in a traffic accident on the way to work. There’s always the possibility (I know women who have gotten pregnant while on every form of birth control out there), but I try to remind myself the probability is very low.

The only time I ever worried about that was one time when I was two weeks late, as normally I was extremely regular. I either had a late, very heavy period or a very early miscarriage on that one.

Other than that, no, can’t say I ever worried. When I got married my husband was sterile so it’s really not been a worry for me for close to 30 years.

No. I don’t worry about it. Unless actively trying to conceive, I’ve always been on the pill, and never had a failure with it. I’ve observed that people who are going to have failures on the pill tend to have them early and often, and that ain’t me.

One of the happy side effects of being a lesbian, no pregnancy scares. But when you do miss a period and you’re not perimenopausal it can create some worry.

Not really. A couple of times when I was more than 3 or 4 days late, I wondered if I was pregnant, but that was during a period of time that it would have been fine for me to be pregnant, so I wasn’t worried. As soon as I was sure I didn’t want more kids, I had a tubal. No more wondering.

In my young adulthood, I was on a monthly basis freaked out at the thought I might be pregnant. My period was always somewhat irregular, so I almost always had up to two weeks of anxiety about it. Thank Science and Medicine for coming up with birth control pills. (Yes, I am old enough to remember when they didn’t exist.)

Ironically, when we decided we did want children, I was found to have fertility problems and had to take meds to encourage ovulation.

After the children were born, I had a tubal lig to be sure.

Not much. My periods are pretty regular, plus or minus 2 days, so I always keep that in mind and have a calendar most of the time. Also, longs periods of abstinence help. Right now, between the calendar, knowing I don’t always have sex during what should be my fertile window, and knowing that if I do get pregnant, I’d be OK and can handle it even if I lacked a partner (which I don’t, and he’d be OK with a pregnancy), I don’t worry.