I Pit late periods! (girly TMI)

Aunt Flo:

You make me wear a diaper for grown-up girls for 5-7 days out of the month. You make me have to use a lot of toilet paper when I wipe, which tends to stop up low-flow super toilet (so… much… clogging…) at least once in any month (but that’s another rant, and Dave Barry did it better). Usually you’re satisfied with that. But this month, no, you had to add mental anguish to the mix.

You had to be a day late. Yes, I know, that’s not very late, but I’m very regular, and it’s later than I’ve been since I’ve started keeping track. You had to remind me that Mr Neville and I don’t want to be pregnant yet, since we’re living in an apartment that’s too small for us, a kid, and our stuff, thanks to the high housing prices in the Bay Area.

I hate late periods! If you want to be pregnant, they must get your hopes up, then dash them. If, like me, you don’t, they make you spend a day waiting and wondering and worrying.

Oh, I feel your pain. Believe me.

I’ve been having cramps for over a week, but no AF. I’ve taken two pregnancy tests and gotten negatives, and the cramps are my typical ‘before AF’ cramps. But I keep having them and no AF. We’re getting married in two weeks, and a kid really isn’t in the plans at the moment. If I haven’t started by Monday, I’m hitting the doctor for a blood test - but I really doubt I’m pregnant - I don’t think I’d be having my typical PMS symptoms (crampy cramps, headache, bitchiness) if I were pregnant. The only thing I can think is that I completely fucked up my birth control pills - I accidentally got ahead by mixing up the days, so I’m thinking I screwed up my system. Or maybe I’m just skipping my period this month (that’s never happened before, I couldn’t be so lucky).

I seriously know your pain. Here’s hoping we both get a visit from the dreadful Aunt very soon.


Ever since I’ve been on this particular birth control pill (Yasmin), it feels like my body just chooses when I’m going to have my period. This isn’t normal - on one particular prescription, my period always came within a 2-3 hour window three days after my last pill. On others, it’s always started 1-2 days after my last pill.

Not so on Yasmin. A couple months ago, my period started within 8 hours of taking the last pill. And this week, my last pill was Saturday - my period started today. :eek:

I thought I was supposed to start today, which would have been perfect. I’m leaving for Seattle on Sunday, and I’d love to get the two worse days out of the way before the trip.

But no. Today was a normal day. I bet tomorrow will be a normal day. Watch it start the moment I board the airplane. Watch it, I said!

I just started taking that new Seasonal pill. I “should” be having my period right now, but I’m not. And I won’t for another two months!
I’m loving it.
Anne–are you on b.c.? Or is pregnancy a real possibility?

It did eventually start, but I’m mad at it for jerking me around like it did. I’m on the Pill, but I have generalized anxiety, and pregnancy is one of the things I worry excessively about. It’s somewhat better now that I’m on meds, but I still worry if I’m late :frowning:

I should probably also add that I don’t have the world’s best memory, though I’ve only forgotten about two pills in the last six years. I used to have nightmares in which I would open my Pill packet to take the last pill of the month, and there were a lot of random pills left at earlier positions. That was a scary dream…

I’m so with you lon this. I’m generally very regular, but occassionally I’ll be several days late. I worry even if there is no way I could be pregnant. :smack: And to add insult to injury, anxiety can delay your period! So the more you worry, the more likely you are to be late. :mad:

I’m too paranoid for Seasonale or Depo; I’d be buying pregnancy tests. :smack:

Is Lynn still sick? And none of the boys will come in this thread. Good, I can tell a joke.

How do you punctuate “worry worry worry”?

Period, period, period, no period, worry worry worry

Okay, I’m leaving.

LOL, Dropzone!
I miss the days when Aunt Flo visited every six weeks, if she came at all. That was normal for me and how nice it was! Then I got hypoplasia and the hormones my doctor gave me have made me regular ever since, even though I haven’t taken them in years. 28 days regular! :rolleyes:

Let me see, I’ll be 46 very soon, have never had a kid and certainly am not going to try for one now. I know I’m pretty lucky. Most of the mess is done in three days and cramps are but a dim memory. Still, I wish my body would get a clue. Bring on menopause, I say!

I totally feel for the OP.

Having your period sucks.

Having your period LATE sucks more (at least for me).

Not having a period would be major panic-inducing for me.

I so very much do not not not not want kids. So I use the Pill and condoms. And yet if my period comes on a Thursday or something, by then i am in tears.

Belladonna so you trust the pill THAT MUCH to not get that monthly reassurace of “whew, no kids”? I would be a nervous wreck.

DrScarlett I agree that worrying about it seems to make it come late. Like I said, I usually double-up with condoms. I also “consider” the “rhythm method”. If i’ve had sex w/o a condom in the 2nd or 3rd week of my cycle, I start waiting for my period to come. And I get nervous. And it ALWAYS comes late.

I think I am worry-free about my girly business about 3 days a month. Otherwise I’m worried about getting it, not getting it, or cleaning up after it.


I got you all beat. Ever since I stopped taking Depo three months ago, I’ve had my period since.

That’s right, I’ve had my period for 3 months solid. :mad:

I’m seriously considering going back on it just so I stop fucking bleeding, I never have my period when I’m on it.

I loved being on the pill. First year I’d been regular since I started having my period. No cramps, light flow, good skin, good moods, lost weight. Can’t go back on it right now though–BP too high. I’m working on that though.

Has she come a-callin’ yet?

Sorry if I seem nosy. I’m only asking because cramps + late period + negative tests can (sometimes) = ectopic pregnancy, something that should be diagnosed and treated ASAP.


Two condoms will cause excessive strain against one another and actually be much more likely to break. If you really have to, mix it up with a cervical cap or something, but do not, repeat DO NOT double up on condoms.

I guess this isn’t a good time to do a little dance to celebrate being period-free for a year, huh?

It was a little weird at first, and I was paranoid for a while. I thought every little twinge was a symptom of either pregnancy or uterine perforation. That little voice in the back of my head just would not shut the fuck up. I’d have internal arguments that went something like this:

Oh, God, what was that?

That was a bit of gas.

Yeah, you say it’s gas, but what if it’s not? Ectopic pregancies can cause pains in about that area, you know, and if that IUD is malfunctioning, you’re more likely to have an ectopic. It said so right there in the little booklet. And remember in sex ed, when they talked about implantation cramps? If you were pregnant, how would you know the difference between that and not having your period because of the hormones?

It was gas. Remember having bean soup for supper last night?

Of course I remember. What do you think I am, stupid? And by the way, Miss Smartypants, do you remember that there’s a risk of that IUD deciding to punch through your uterine wall? Sure, that pain was a little high to be your uterus tearing, but what if that thing is loose and floating around in your abdomen? It could be poking your intestines right now, causing that pain.

It’s probably just gas.

And what if it’s not? What then, hmmmm? You could bleeding into your belly right now. And if you pass out from blood loss, there won’t be anyone to help you. Dr.J won’t be home for hours, and nobody’s expecting you anywhere. And let’s face it, you don’t exactly have the sort of pet you see on all those Animal Planet shows, the ones who would dial 911 and give you mouth-to-mouth.

How would mouth-to-mouth help with massive internal hemmorhage?

My God, you really are a pedantic little twerp, aren’t you? The efficacy of mouth-to-mouth is not the issue here. The issue is that if your uterus is perfed, you’re going to lay here and die, because there won’t be anybody to help you.

You know, I do feel a little tired and draggy now. My cap refill seems fine, but maybe I’d better keep the cordless right next to me, just in case.

I guess it’s not so much that I trust the pill, it’s that I trust myself. I’ve got two kids already; and both times I knew I was pregnant even before I could get a test to come up positive. I could feel the change, swimming through me. So I’m pretty confident that if I slipped past the pill and got pregnant (Noooooooooo!) I’d know even without a missed period.

I believe she meant using a condom even though she’s on the pill. Doubling up on birth control, with a condom, not using two condoms.

I’m freakin’ out right now myself. I know I missed a pill back in June (took two on one day). Then had lots of sex. I had my period as scheduled in July, but decided to go off the pill (and not have sex) to save money and give my body a break from the hormones. I was supposed to start my period over two weeks ago. Nothing. All I can think about is women that have fake-out periods even after they’re pregnant. I’m not sure how much longer to wait before buying a EPT or something.

I don’t have periods, but I have all the symptoms (and maybe a day of spotting) so I have to take regular pregnancy tests.

Those bastards are expensive!

(for the record, Nuvaring, one year).