Pregnant doper updates?

Forgive me if I missed a current thread, but I’ve been away from the board a bit and I’m wondering how the rest of the pregnant Dopers are doing.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all, by the way. :slight_smile:

mnemnosyne posted awhile ago that she was expecting in April, but we’ve not heard anything further. Hope it went alright and there’s a new byte of memory chez elle.

Two weeks away from due date, doing great, waddling around like a very overweight penguin.

We’ve stocked up on diapers while they were on sale, have bought an adorable little cot that can fold down on one side and attach to our bed, and I’ve finished a baby blanket. I’ve also bought some cute little shoes, which is idiotic - babies do not need shoes. But they were cute, dammit.

My midwife remarked last week that “that baby is happy and healthy and has so much space in there, you’ll be at least a week overdue.”:eek:

Not sure what to think about that.

I’ve agreed to keep working until wednesday (actually, I insisted), but my workload is pretty non-existant. The last week at our high-school is mostly just handing back the last assignments, reassuring the students up for finals, and filing various paperwork. No big deal. Might as well waddle around at work than at home.

I’d love to hear how everyone else is doing. Happy mother’s day!

Those Robeez things will be the death of me, I swear. They’re ALL adorable.

Glad to hear you’re doing well, waddle or no. Hopefully you don’t go too late and have to endure another whole week!

I’m doing ok. Belly’s getting big, heartburn is subsiding, and I’m still really mobile and active at 32 weeks, which surprised me a little. I wear out faster than before, but I’m walking a lot, doing a ton of housework, and feeling generally decent. No swelling in my feet yet, either, which I am taking as a small miracle, considering the couple of challenges that have been thrown at me this month…

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a few weeks ago, so now I’m adjusting to a life of finger-stabbing and carb-counting. So far my numbers look really good, which means I get to avoid medication for now. I’ll be in for a ton of nonstress tests and ultrasounds starting in three weeks, to see how big Junior’s getting and to decide whether we induce at 38 weeks (OB says given his current size, it’s a 50/50 shot). I’m hoping to avoid that, but we’ll see.

I’ve also just been diagnosed with gallstones and a distended gallbladder. Turns out the constant tenderness under my ribs on the right and the stabbing pains waking me up when I roll over in bed aren’t from baby’s foot jammed in one place all the time. Partly a relief, because now I know I’m not just a wimp who can’t handle my baby kicking, but partly a really shitty development because there’s nothing to be done about it until after I deliver. Just Tylenol for pain, for the next 8 weeks. And then surgery at some point during my maternity leave. :frowning:

I sure hope this parenthood thing is worth it!

I’m at 25 weeks and starting to get uncomfortable. My ankles are swelling, I feel kind of crummy by the end of the day, the sciatica is really bad, etc. On the other hand, Tater’s gotten so active you can see him moving around in there, which is pretty cool.

I really need to quit haunting cloth diaper swaps online. Gotta stop buying those adorable covers and save my pennies! I was really good last week, I had SUCH a shopping compulsion but I exorcised it at Goodwill. Didn’t get anything I won’t get at the shower my mom’s friends are throwing me (next week) but hey, scored some cute onesies and didn’t break the bank.

By the way, the My Breast Friend pillow was on Woot today for 9.99, they might still have some left?

ETA - oh and my ribs really hurt when I sit for too long but I get really dizzy standing. Thanks, Tater.

I love you all and hope you had a great proto-Mother’s Day! You are all reminding me that I’m totally not ready for baby #2. (Right?)

Sorry to hear you were dealt the GD card, Antigen. So was my wife. Insulin-dependent, the whole nine yards. I assume you and your medical team have everything covered as far as GD care goes, but if you want I can dig out and post or PM an e-mail she sent me about her diet plan after a pregnant co-worker of mine turned up GD right after our child was born. Pretty serious on the carb restrictions, it was.

About the best gift my wife ever got from anyone on any occasion ever was the fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangementsthat my sister sent upon the birth of our child. After three months with virtually no sugar, a huge pile of fresh strawberries and pineapple wedges was about the best thing in the world to her. Now’s the time to start dropping increasingly-less-subtle hints to your friends and loved ones.

Best of luck to you, and all the moms-to-be here.

Oh, I’ve got a list!

Honestly, it’s the gallbladder that’s the bigger problem. I’m spending most of every day hovering around a 5 on the pain scale, and it’s wearing me out. The thought of 8 more weeks of this is completely disheartening.

Zsofia, that sucks about the sciatica. Have you tried one of those belly support belts? It can help take some of the strain off. They feel a little funny and they show under your clothes no matter how loudly they claim otherwise, but I find mine helps with my back pain a ton. I wear it on days I know I’ll be standing or walking a lot.

I’m so sorry you guys have it rough - I know I’m very lucky. All I get is pain if I stand up or walk too much.

Oh, BTW, get some slip-on shoes while you have the energy - having your partner put your shoes on gets silly after a while.

I haven’t tried one of the support belts, no, but I don’t see how it would help - it isn’t worse when I spend a lot of time standing or anything. Actually, weirdly, it tends to be really bad when I’ve been lying in bed for a bit and get up. And it was definitely worse when I had to spend a few nights in a hotel on a strange mattress.

GOD do I miss being able to sleep on my back. I didn’t realize that I even did that.

My belly button has gotten pretty hilarious - it hasn’t popped out but it’s sort of in this middle state, and my husband had his hand on my belly yesterday to feel the baby kick and started laughing uncontrollably because when I tense up (to laugh, say, which made this a difficult next ten minutes) it popped out at his hand!

Hi! Since some people are keeping track (love you,** Zsofia**), I thought I’d pop in with a quick update: baby born on evening of due date. Everyone is healthy, safe and exausted. I’ll write more later, have to sleep now.

Congratulations! Boy? Girl? Surprise set of twins so both? :wink:

Hooray, Septima! Congratulations!

Congrats! But…sleep? I always heard that was contraindicated for new parents, enforced by new babies.

You’re the one! The only one I’ve ever “met” who had a baby on her due date!

Congratulations. As someone born around this time of year, I think you and the baby picked a very nice time of the year for a birth.

Congrats, Septima! They are not kidding when they say that the days may crawl by, but the years FLY.