Premier League 2020-21

In the Merseyside derby today, Everton beats Liverpool 1-0. Everton’s first win at Anfield since '99, 23 derbies later, and the first time Liverpool have lost four straight at home since 1923. True, in this covid era the ‘home’ concept doens’t quite hold, as before. (Then again, Liverpool isn’t the only team dealing with an empty home stadium.) They’re in 6th and 7th spots, level at 40 points. Pickford made a number of awesome saves, especially coming up big against Salah, close in, late in the game. Nice build-up to the Everton goal.

Man City seem comfortably ahead for now, but the next six spots are a toss-up, and even Tottenham and Aston Villa could possibly still eke their way into C-League territory, but not putting money on it.

Nitpick: 2-0. First win at Anfield in over 20 years. At this point teams are salivating at the prospect of seeing Liverpool on the fixture list. They look more likely to finish outside the top 10 than in the top 4. I’m sure they’ll turn it around but this is one scary slide since Christmas.


To add to Liverpool’s defending woes (allowing nine goals in their last three games), captain Jordan Henderson had to leave the pitch with what looked like a ham injury, adding, now, to the three already injured centrebacks.
For that reason alone I’d be at least concerned how well they can turn it around.

West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

Moyes = Manager of the Season

So depressing that as an Arsenal supporter I am not even hoping for a point at Man City. Just hoping it’s not an embarrassment.

Well, you got your wish!