Premier League 2020-21

I don’t see a thread on this, so I’ll start one.

Leeds United look like they belong. Fulham not so much.

Two gifted penalties for Liverpool - very annoying. Leeds only have themselves to blame for that second one though.

A little trivia… Jack Harrison, who scored the opening Leeds goal, won the Gatorade National Player of the Year while attending high school in the States.

Only the 2nd winner to play in the Premier League, after US International Claudio Reyna.

I am hating that NBC Sports in US is sending a number of games to their streaming Peacock service, which I don’t really want to get. I don’t think it works on Roku either.

I use Roku and I’m sure most of the top matches will be on Peacock. Which in terms of growing the game in the US is a shame.

And it’s a double shame because what else are they going to show on Saturday and Sunday mornings?

Fuck Peacock. They’re sending Chelsea v Liverpool there??