Premier League 2020-21

I don’t see a thread on this, so I’ll start one.

Leeds United look like they belong. Fulham not so much.

Two gifted penalties for Liverpool - very annoying. Leeds only have themselves to blame for that second one though.

A little trivia… Jack Harrison, who scored the opening Leeds goal, won the Gatorade National Player of the Year while attending high school in the States.

Only the 2nd winner to play in the Premier League, after US International Claudio Reyna.

I am hating that NBC Sports in US is sending a number of games to their streaming Peacock service, which I don’t really want to get. I don’t think it works on Roku either.

I use Roku and I’m sure most of the top matches will be on Peacock. Which in terms of growing the game in the US is a shame.

And it’s a double shame because what else are they going to show on Saturday and Sunday mornings?

Fuck Peacock. They’re sending Chelsea v Liverpool there??

What an afternoon of games! Can’t believe that Villa result!!!

Flipping between the French Open and EPL today, the scores were identical at one point. 6-1, 5-2 in both.

Crazy weekend of games. Great entertainment for the neutral, as the saying goes.

On Saturday evening I poured scorn on the idea that Everton would finish in the top 2 this season. At the time the best price on them to do so was 25/1. By Sunday evening they were a little shorter than 7/1!

ManU is my top tier team (let’s go Sheffield Wednesday! ), so I’m a little disappointed that we only signed Telles and a bunch of 2nd squad wingers today.

We needed a holding midfielder and a CB without question.

The signing of the young wingers makes me question if they will persure Sancho next year.

Southampton lost 9-0 again.

Happened only once in the first 27 years of the Premier League and now they’ve been on the end of it twice in 16 months.

I didn’t see the game, but according to the BBC report, the player sent off in the second minute has only just joined the club - it was his first appearance - and not long before it his agent was spreading transfer rumours. Apparently the challenge was an obvious red card as well. Weird situation.

A fellow United fan has commented that it’s interesting that Pogba was not involved. I’m still undecided on whether he is trying to call the shots by only switching on when he feels like it, or whether he was just suffering a poor run of form. I think he’s been pretty good recently. Time will tell I suppose.

I was watching the game in the background. The guy sent off was Alexandre Jankewitz. The announcers said that it was his first premier league start. Checking some more, he had was in a couple of games recently as a sub. Looks like he played on Southampton’s U-21 team too.
The foul was an easy red card. Hard foul with studs straight to the mid-thigh.

Thanks for the extra info. Maybe he felt he wasn’t introduced to the first team quickly enough? What a muppet.

Meanwhile David Luiz got a red card for running in a straight line.

Sancho hasn’t had a great year, if they do pursue, I bet it’s for 30M less than they were debating last summer.

I haven’t watched 10% as much BVB this year as last year so I don’t have an opinion on the cause of his regression. However, if last year wasn’t a fluke I think you sign him regardless of other wingers on the squad.

I thought there was something at the beginning of the season with Sancho, like an ankle* issue, but my not only is my memory pooched but google is also failing. Would certainly be surprised if his low quality of play lasts for the rest of the season. One would have hoped his play would have at least been somewhat elevated by Haaland’s superlative season, replete with several instances where the young Norwegian would dish it off to Sancho inside the 18.
Wondering, if, ultimately (when everything’s all said and done - who knows) Sancho’d end up getting paid more if going to Man U, or not.

*As in - recently re-injured. It’s been a problem in the past.

Hopefully this is the only “separted at birth?” post I’ll ever resort to, but seriously…

Bordeaux keeper Benoit Kostil and Giroud? ? I mean - come on.

bloody ridiculous

I guess Man City won’t have any problems winning a championship. But it would be quite interesting looking at other teams competing for CL. Would be interesting!

David Moyes is doing a great job this season. I love a redemption story and given how sour his career turned after getting the opportunity of a lifetime to take over from Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, taking West Ham to the Champions League would be phenomenal.

If they beat Tottenham at the weekend I wouldn’t be surprised if Jose Mourinho is fired.