Prepare to Hate Me! (Another Flash Game)

Spin the Black Circle.

The premise is easy enough. You can turn the 2D playing field clockwise and counter-clockwise. There’s a ball you’ve got to guide to the goal using gravity alone. Check it out, you won’t be underwhelmed!

I’m stuck on the 'spinning wheel of death." The one with the variable speed spinning wheel, some flames, and spikes along the outer edge.

Damn you. Damn you to Hell.

Ahh, yes, good ol’ level 11. The trick is to get a bit of speed coming of the platform, and then start turning before you think you need to after you’ve “launched”. Also, remember that the spinning will accelerate you forward when the wheel stops, so you’ve got to plan for that by turning before the wheel stops.

This was posted a week or so ago; I got all the way up to level 22 before giving up. I’ll come back to it and pull my hair out more when I can afford to waste my time on it.

I’m actually glad this wasn’t a game I haven’t seen yet. It’s 1:30am, I just finished a half-assed lab assignment, and I need to get some sleep before waking up at the crack o’ dawn. The only two coherent thoughts going through my mind as the thread loaded were “Why did I click? Why did I click??” and “Oooh, shiny new game!”

Have fun. If you think 11 is tricky, you’ve got another thing coming. 16 and 20 made me want to hurt things. Badly.

Hmm, didn’t see it the first time. The trick for 22 is to make sure the screen is lined up before the ball falls off the platform. Once you do that, it should go pretty quick.

17 made me cry. Enough of those spinning BS levels. 16 was challenging, it is not obvious what has to be done, but it is simple when you figure it out.

Stuck on 19 right now. Grr.

The main trick on 19 is keeping the ball touching the ledge that is on the bottom of the screen when the level starts as it goes around it. If it’s touching that ledge, the flame can’t get to it.

17 is good training for the next few levels, in that it really forces you to start moving the screen before the ball gets to where it’s going to be before the screen needs to be in place. Kinda like riding a motorcycle, in an obtuse way.

Gave up on the teeth-laden spiral. I like games when there’s a puzzle aspect, but this just got tedious.

It’s kinda like sex… if you’re going to fast and keep exploding into the wall, slow down and take it easy around the turns. :cool:

I know how to do it, I just got tired of missing in the last turn and having to start over.

How do you turn off the music? I mean other than by muting the computer’s speaker. I like to play these games while I’m listening to something else.

Think there’s a button in the bottom right corner.

Well I don’t hate you, but you could have warned me of the loud music played while loading.

How do you tell what level you’re on? I can’t see any indication at all. And I forgot to start counting.

The only way I can tell is by clicking “Go To Main Menu” on the top, and checking what the farthest level I’ve completed is when I click “Play” again.

Sorry, I didn’t realize it was loud, because my headphones were plugged in and I didn’t have them on.

That’s what she said. :cool:

Got to level 20. This game does indeed get tedious. I figure out the first two thirds of a level, but then have to complete that section over and over again as I attempt the last third. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun concept. I just think that it’s best enjoyed in small doses.