Preparing for the Oil Crash

What made me think of this question was a “Cecil” collumn about the “peak oil” concept. Cecil makes a good argument that we won’t have a “mad max” scenario, but I still wonder what an individual should do to prepare for an oil scarcity crisis.

Get an electric car? Live in a big city? Live away from a big city? Buy oil futures? Store a few drums of gasoline in the garage?

I think a “mad max” scenario is unlikely, but still, why not keep some extra guns, ammo, and spare batteries around?

Definitely the wrong forum for this question. You might want to check out this thread that actually discusses Cecils column. It might give a few insites into what may happen with reguards to possible (realistic) scenerios…and talks to some of the assumptions you are appearently making with reguards to the ‘crash’. There are also a bunch of threads in GD discussing this. I know as a guest you can’t search, but if the thread I listed doesn’t answer your question I’m sure someone will look them up for you…once this thread is moved to another forum. :slight_smile:



Actually, I plan on my next car being a diesel golf, and using biodiesel in it as much as I can. Screw alcohol burners, this will work for me.