Presdient Clinton a hypocrite? What a shocker!

This is quoted from an article from september of 2002 by Usatoday

**“He’s got a very dangerous (weapons) program. We need to eliminate it,” Clinton said on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Interviewed from Africa where he is on tour, the former president said, “I think we ought to go to the United Nations. I think we ought to get a tough resolution which basically says we’ll take Saddam Hussein up on his commitment to free and unfettered inspections.”

“If he doesn’t comply,” Clinton said, a U.N. resolution should make clear that the international community “is authorized to use force.” **


**“Let’s don’t relax our efforts. Let’s intensify our efforts,” the former president said. “They (al-Qaeda terrorists) still have plans to target Americans within the United states and elsewhere and I think we should all support the administration and whatever has to be done to eradicate this network.” **

Really president Clinton, we should “…intensify our efforts”???

And this fucker has the nerve to tell 60 minutes and the rest of the world to not go to war.

“Intensify our efforts” refers to al-Qaeda, who, despite what Bush may try to convince you of, is not Saddam Hussein. Clinton is asking Bush to keep the priorities in proper order.

Clear now?

Let’s not forget about the time Clinton bombed Iraq when Al-Qaeda wasn’t even involved.

I could have sworn when Clinton bombed Iraq he didn’t send over a 1/4 million troops over to do it.

But I could be completely wrong on that.

I’m getting confused, maybe a clarification is in order and you seem like just the person to give it.

are we supposed to hate Clinton 'cause he ignored Al -Q and Saddam or 'cause he bombed Iraq and ordered deployment of troops?

I just wanna be, ya know, accurate and consistent on why we’re supposed to hate him.

Since the gulf war the US and allied planes enforcing the No fly zones have been bombing targets in Iraq almost non stop.

So that’s kinda a moot point.

Clinton is bringing up a rather important issue of international law and the UN. Namely both the UN and international law don’t mean a whole heck of a lot.

There is no mechanism that exists for the UN to enforce any resolution it passes. It largely depends on the memberstates to agree that enforcing the resolution is in it’s best interests. If the US does go attack Iraq by itself and we get ‘condemned’ by the UN for our actions what exactly will the rest of the UN do?

They can’t kick us out of the UN, we’re gaurenteed a seat by treaty. They can’t impose trade sanctions the world economy would suffer, they sure as heck won’t invade.

Basically by going in without UN support means the US, one of the largest/most powerful nations in the world doesn’t believe the UN can function. Which is counter productive, considering the idea of having a strong, independent regulatory UN would benifit the entire world.

Look at what happened with the League of Nations.

News flash to Schmucko Conservative Republican Shit-eating Grinning Toads: Your party is now in the White house, and in control of congress (and boy aren’t things going swell now :rolleyes: ). We get it. The only thing that you are doing by continuing to rub it in is to alienate more than half of your countrymen.

Bile aside, all of the continued Clinton bashing is really mystifying to me. Are you guys not going to be happy until we have a one party dictatorship or what? I mean I realize that there has been some pretty well deserved criticism of the Democrats for being sore looser, but there is such a thing as graceful winners, and to be honest I am not seeing that from the other side of the isle.

When did he tell 60 minutes not to go to war? The 60 minutes segment yesterday was on taxes.

light strand, the entire point of the 60 Minutes Point/Counterpoint is to bring up various issues that are associated with, related to, or are affected by the impending war. Last night’s episode was on taxes, vis a vis the Gulf situation.

I’m aware of that, but I never heard Clinton unequivocally state that we shouldn’t go to war. He said that we shouldn’t be cutting taxes in war time.