Presenting Luciano700

I present to you Luciano700. He recently got a thread closed for plagarization, which he denied.

Attempts to discuss get nonsense like this:

He does have some spiffy new ideas on how to improve the Board:

He’s a troll, folks, and feeding them is bad, but he won’t leave. Let’s have a great ol’ time giving him a warm Dope welcome. He deserves to receive every bit of the greeting he’s earned, the little shit-licking toadstool.

Eh. He’s an idiot, a troll of the stupid, rather than malicious, variety. Largely harmless…

…is what I would have said, before stupid trolls elected a stupid troll President. They have power in groups.

And yet here you are still sucking my dick :rolleyes:
You know what? Label me a troll all you want. Just get over the top with your harassing and I will deathwish the heck out of you.

Fuck off with your misguided comment, I hate Trump as a president.

Deathwish? Deathwish?!


Are you, like, actively trying to get banned?
('Cause you’re doing a sensational job!)

CMC fnord!

What a shame that would be for him, us, and the world.

If various people can get away with them, then I sure as shit can too.
I don’t doubt this considering the Pit can have some very cruel content.

Well then, “You may fire when you are ready, Gridley.”

CMC fnord!

Aw shucks! I wish I were deathwished…

Sure thing :cool:
Will await the firing shots

I already have to deal with so much social stigmatism in real life and I am used to it.
If you wanna help me communicate through, then do so.
Example: I asked for a very good recommend book on intersectionality, I am told “look for it yourself you lazy POS”, even told there were hardly any good search results matching the topic, still told to just ditch off.

I understand too that the internet is huge, but I can assure you someone has read something interesting before on the topic.

Yeah no, not even funny at all.

Refer to my last post, if you want to help.

You were provided with a number of sources that you admitted not reading because you did not agree with them.

Fuck a cactus.

He thinks that he is Charles Bronson but he isn’t even Bronson Pinchot.

I had an ice cube in my mouth when I read this. I nearly choked to death. Does that give me a death-laugh?

Yeah, you think I can’t see the biases in those sources?
I want something that doesn’t praise or criticizes the theory. I just want something that disfusses the theory finely.

The Wikipedia article does seem interesting, and I already read half of it. It discussed the development, connections, criticism and history of the theory.

So, Mr. Wrecker likes to go that way, huh? :wink:

Ignore the typo, sometimes I wished the timer in the editor was longer.

I barely know any of the people you guys are mentioning.

Preview is you’re freind . . . speel-cheek two!

CMC fnord!