'Preserved' young lady in catacombs

Dont know if I am doing this right…but here goes: While in Europe during WW2, my father claimed that local peasants took him down into caves/catacombs and showed him the body of a ‘preserved’ girl. He thought she was kind of a saint. From what I remember about what he had told me I am guessing that she was about 12-16 years of age and that she was in some kind of glass/plastic covered coffin of some type and that she looked ‘perfect’ and ‘alive’. Might have been around France or Normandy. My father has been dead for years and I really dont know if he was ‘telling stories’ or not. Sure would like to know the whole story if true…

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Thank you…I really did not know how to post a question.

Any chance you remember the name of the girl? As the linked article makes clear, there have been many examples of saints whose bodies have remained more or less “incorruptible” through decades, even centuries. Some of the examples of preservation have been attributable to characteristics of the climate and soil in which the venerable have been buried, and even the Catholic Church realizes some rather extensive “fudging” has transpired in other cases. Yet many examples of these phenomenon continue to defy logical explanation, at least to some extent.


One possible answer to the question of just whom your father saw is St. Germain Cousin, who died in 1601 at the age of 22:

One of the more “well known” incorruptible bodies is Bernadette:


She seems to fit your description although she died in her late teens.


I remember seeing an article in a UK newspaper sunday supplement (full colour magazine pull-out) about some catacombs in Italy somewhere. There was the body of a very young girl there who had died of some fever/childhood illness at around 5-10 yrs old (I forget the exact details).

She had been preserved by some method now unknown - the father took it to the grave with him. I still remember nearly the exact words of the reporter describing her - about how her skin still seemed damp with fever, or some such.

What really haunted me was that her sister, now in her 70s/80s, was still alive and visited her. Weird to be able to physically see the two together: one preserved from ageing and wrinkles, sort of in limbo, the other weathered and aged by life and long years.

This girl wasn’t in an enclosed coffin IIRC, but the details are hazy.

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It’s Snow White.

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Thank you all…esp for the ‘links’. Never was told the name of the girl…and did not realize there were so many.