"President of the United States Donald Trump" still seems vaguely unreal. Anyone else feel this way?

I wasn’t a huge Hillary fanboy but I voted for her anyway given the choices at hand. Lately in quiet moments while driving or contemplating I find myself saying out loud just to get the feel of it “The President of the United States, Donald Trump” … and I laugh because it just sounds so weird like I’m pitching a joke for a skit or something. I can’t get my head fully around it. And now we’re choosing a cabinet made up of people who were literal punch lines for columnists as examples of ignorant hacks and borderline nuts a few months ago.

I’m well aware it’s all too real, but somehow it still seems slightly unreal. Anyone else feel this way?

I am waiting for Marty to hurry up and fix the space-time continuum already.

Yep, in fact I keep thinking back to the 1989 Oscars, which had several heavyweight films up for Best Picture – Born on the Fourth of July, Dead Poet’s Society, My Left Foot, etc. I wasn’t able to watch the ceremony live that year, and there was no Internet back then, so the next day I asked a friend: “Who won Best Picture?”

He said: “Driving Miss Daisy.”

I said: “Haha, you jokester you. No, seriously…who won?”

Vaguely nauseating is the way I would put it.

Yes, I do. I still find myself saying to myself in an incredulous voice, “President Donald Fuckin’ Trump!”

Unfortunately, we’re in the timeline where Doc wasn’t there when Marty stepped off the building.
We’re stuck with Biff.

Trump needs to make like a tree and get out of here.

Damn! Ninjad by the first response!

I’ve been telling everybody that the only way my brain can make sense of this election to think that I’m in a sci-if movie and this is the distopian alternate universe that some one created. I’m just waiting for the hero to go back and set things right so we all disappear.

I think the next Star Trek movie should feature the Mirror Universe, and they should track the divergence from the “real” universe to the election of 2016.

Quick, someone burn the sports almanac!

I keep remembering a bit that Eddie Murphy did back in the 80’s, something along the lines of “Ha ha, I voted for Jesse Jackson for President, ha ha… What?!? He WON?”

Still unbelievable to me. Donald Fucking Trump. Unreal.

Feel like I woke up in Bloom County. Only there aren’t any cynical anthropomorphic animals, Trump’s head is not on Opus’ body, and none of this is funny.

Well, it’s kind of funny, in a fucked up, misanthropic kind of way, but I’m still not happy about it.


It seems odd only because Trump has been around forever on tv. You’re fired! Trump is the first pop culture figure we’ve sent to the White House.

I’m getting used to President Trump now. It’s only for four years and we can elect somebody else.

It could be worse. President Bieber maybe? :smiley:

If only his inauguration limo would run into a manure truck, it would almost be worth it.

President (Elect) Donald J. Trump isn’t “unreal” or “vaguely nauseating”: he is abnormal to an extreme not seen since the Star-Spawn of Cthulhu tried to crash the Constitutional Convention and was driven back to far dimensions beyond time and space by Benjamin Franklin’s knowledge of esoteric Mythos lore and his personal copy of the Necronomicon. The voting public–well, slightly less than half of them–decided to elect a human troll doll on the premise that he was going to “drain the swamp”, bring back manufacturing jobs, “Make America Great Again”, and stop the hordes of Mexican rapists and murderes who are even now slaughtering women and children in record-breaking amounts (they aren’t) by building a 2000 mile long wall (he isn’t) and making Mexico pay for it (they won’t), even though his policy positions are so poorly detailed that he essentially had no plan whatsoever.

Trump basically fed a lime of complete bullshit to the voters and when called out on the lies just shrugged and moved on to tweeting about his latest outrage, facilitated by a media that focused on Trump the Clown and not the collection of dangerous people riding his coattails. He made statements that literally read as if they came from a Central African dictator, and has already demonstrated at every turn that he is going to do nothing to either separate himself from conflicts of interest or removed entrenched interests from Washington. Hell, he isn’t even going to pursue investigation or legal action against Hillary Clinton despite spending the entire election referring to her as “Crooked Hillary Clinton” and making an explicit pledge to do so in a televised policy debate.

Trump is not normal for someone holding high public office in pretty much every way. He has no goverment policy experience; he is not even-tempered or experienced in international diplomacy; he has obfuscated his financial status and denied having conflicts between his real estate holdings and the responsibilities of being in the presidency despite the fact that he clearly has conflicts of interest; he appears to have no undestanding of how trade agreements work; he appears to think that “jobs” are something you hand out like Halloween candy; he’s intent on tearing down existing programs and regulations without any thoughful analysis into the ramifications of doing so; and he tweets out every random thought he appears to have during his 3:40 am visit to the crapper. In fact, it is pretty much as if we’ve elected a particularly bratty seven year old and are preparing to give him the nuclear codes and responsibility for the US economy for the next four years. This is not fucking normal.

And if you want to get rid of that nausea or the sense that you’ve suddenly been dropped into a Philip K. Dick novel where the Axis won World War II and occupied the US with their less intelligent members in the ranks of their Obergruppenführer, you should probably start thinking about what kind of effort and support you are going to put into making sure that Trump and his ‘curiosities’ are limited in the scope of damage the can do before they can be feasibly replaced. Fortunately, Trump already seems kind of stunned at the effort the job requires and the media attention he is going to be subject to without being able to control it, and if his lashing out at print and broadcast journalists is any indication, he is going to rapidly look for a way out of the position. Unfortunately, the immediate replacement, and man of the advisors and likely cabinet picks he has brought with him are likely to stay. There have been many opinions and speculations expressed about what we will see in Trump’s presidency, but the link above to John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight segment is a pretty comprehensive discussion about all the ways that Trump is wholly unsuited as the chief executive, and is as amusing as such a story could be. Also, he blows shit up in the end, which may be what is needed to get the American public to step up and take notices to the actual news, even if it is reported by a comedian whose credentials are basically, “I wasn’t funny enough to make it in Britain so I came here and people think my accent and self-effacing Britishness are hilarious.”

And oh, by the way, get outside of the ‘bubble’ of like-minded people who were predisposed to be disgusted by Trump (which ought to be everyone with an IQ above 90 and isn’t a member of the Ku Klux Klan or a white nationalist movement but shockingly included apparently intelligent and open-minded people who were just repulsed by Clinton and/or were angry enough to respond to the message of reform even though there was absolutely no content behind it) and start reminding people of all of the promises that Trump has failed to even make the slightest effort to live up to, and has even turned about-face before even taking office. Referring to him as “a lying piece of shit” is defaming feces. In fact, I take it back; manure is too valuable to be wasted on a useless piece of toxic waste that is the body and policy of President (Elect) Donald Trump and his band of Cartoonishly Villainous Lunatics who are about to dictate US policy for the next four years.


Worse? I was thinking President Kanye.

“You’re a bad man! You’re a very bad man!”

“Wish him into the cornfield, son!”

This sounds like a job for… the ultimate nullifier.

Except for Ronald Reagan.

President Biff Tannen. I’m stealing that.