US President Unhinged

Recent post-election news conference supports this thought. Which is why I voted in protest - as is every US citizens of voting age right. I should have done it in 2016, but I was lazy. Now not so much. As one can tell, I think he is a buffoon and his past history proves it.

I was flipping channels (to see if Let’s Make A Deal was on) and that orange bastard was bloviating, instead of that Black Devil Wayne Brady cheating people out of cars and fabulous vacations to Exotic Locals, so I would go back to something else. But in the 10 or 12 4-second snippets of Utter Bullshit I heard fall out of his cess-hole, my opinion was stoutly reinforced that this is a severely deranged and utterly incompetent degenerate is a danger to humanity, sanity, reasonable discourse and should be dispatched using all legal and otherwise means to eradicate his blot from the American Presidential Escutcheon.

Just sayin’. Goddammit, he pre-empted the Fucking Price Is Goddamn Right, Too!

Gato, maybe next time you could take a real stance on this subject. Just saying.:wink:

Moving from Elections to the Pit.


If you folks think you are seeing a US President unhinged, just wait until January when the Democrats take control of the House of Reps and start investigating, most likely with lots and LOTS of public hearings.

I think there is a high likelihood we will witness the President have what in the olden days they would call “a fit of apoplexy.”

Live on television no less.

Yep, he’s gonna lose his shit. Acosta from CNN asked a question and lost his press credentials. What’s he gonna do to Pelosi, take out a hit? Scary shit.

All right, I will!

Don’t Fuck With My Gameshows! :mad:

Trump’s a narcissist who I think is showing signs of dementia.

If you watch unscripted interviews of him on talk shows years ago, he can actually talk articulately and argue his points, even if he was an egotistical ass back then as he’s always been his whole life.

Now, his speech is like it’s from a semi-random word generator powered by an out-of-shape hamster on a wheel spinning around it what’s left of his mind. Combine that with the impulse control of a petulant child with thin skin and a sense of victimhood and you get the Trump show.

That sounds like Sara Palin, and Bush Jr., and Ronnie. Must be a Republican thing.

Nah, at least with Dubya you had the feeling that he was *looking *for the right words, he just couldn’t find them.

Palin had been given the right words, she just couldn’t remember them. And Ronnie thought he was saying the right ones, he was just wrong at first, and then at the end had forgotten the words.

I don’t know whether it’s dementia or just what works—the kind of speech that gets him the reaction he likes at Trump Rallies.

He’s an entertainer. Politics is part of the entertainment industry. It’s amusing to watch when you realize it doesn’t really have much of an effect on your life.

It’s not every US citizens of voting age right.

Isn’t that the model for Trump’s Presidency?

Wait, it took you this long to figure out that Trump is unhinged and a buffoon? You didn’t see that prior to the 2016 election? And you were too lazy to vote then? And your location says Michigan, which was one of the states that went for Trump. Would have been nice if you hadn’t been that lazy when it mattered.

The vote differential between Trump and Clinton in MI was ~10,000 votes. Cabin_Fever’s vote would not have mattered in the least.

Yes, but if he and a few thousand of his fellow citizens of Michigan had bothered to get off their asses and vote, it would have made a difference.

This post should be in the “White America doesn’t understand democracy” thread.

And IF millions of Michiganders had written in Barry Sanders, then he would have won their electoral votes. Your point is?