President Trump's sexual harassment thread

Today, the AP quietly printed this brief story:

A year ago, Trump threatened to sue all his accusers.

]I can’t find the story at the moment, but I recall reading in the past week or so that three or 4 of the women who had previously come forward with accusations against Trump were in the news saying that they hoped that now their stories got a bit more attention.

Here is the Wikipedia page about our President: Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations. There’s a list there of women who have come forward, but it doesn’t yet include Mrs. Robitaille; no idea if she is the only person missing from the list.

I have a feeling that President Trump’s past is about to get looked at more closely, and I didn’t see any existing threads that seemed focused exclusively on discussing Trump’s behavior and/or any forthcoming legal actions (and public maneuvering), so here we go.

Here’s the cynical view: Al Franken agreed to sacrifice himself to take out Trump.

The Democrats couldn’t go after Trump as long as Franken remained in office. But now that Franken has resigned, they have the moral high ground and can make the public argument that Trump is at least as guilty as Franken is and should follow Franken’s example. And if Trump won’t leave office voluntarily (which he almost certainly won’t) they’ll give him a push.

Even if they can’t force Trump out of office, they’ll be able to destroy what little credibility and influence he has left. Trump’s going to become a lame duck President before he finishes his first year in office.

And while Trump can defy the Democrats, he has to worry about losing Republican support. If the Republicans try to support Trump and the Democrats play it right, a lot of women voters might switch to the Democrats in 2018 and 2020. And the Republicans, who are already in a demographic trap, can’t afford that. They might instead decide that Trump, like Franken, needs to be sacrificed for the good of the party. Most of the Republican establishment would prefer to see Pence in the Oval Office anyway and he’s teflon on any sexual harassment charges.



Stormy Daniels we all know about, but how about 1998 Playboy Playmate of the year Karen McDougal?

Here’s the link to the New Yorker story: Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity.

That stretch is worthy of Reed Richards. And he’s already finished his first year in office.

If the democrats win the house in 2018, we need special investigations into all of Trump’s sexual allegations (among other things).

Sexual harassment, sex crimes, forcing women to get abortions, etc. It all needs to be investigated, and any crimes passed onto the DOJ or state level prosecutors.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s another Fantastic Four wannabe.

I’ll just leave this here. Snopes link -

Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl

This was 20 years ago.

Remember when Republicans suspected that Bill Clinton was cheating on his wife, so they investigated that because they pretended to believe that such behavior was worthy of sanction? What a Republican stands for, and what a Republican claims to stand for sure can be at odds.

Can someone explain how the lead story in the OP is harassment?

Trump is a philanderer, among man other things some of which are actually harassment or worse. Is anyone shocked?

Here is what the republican party truly cares about, in order of importance.

Obtaining and keeping power for themselves and keeping their opposition out of power
White nationalism

Thats pretty much it. If you look at the GOP through that lens, and assume everything they do is designed to service these 3 agendas their behavior makes a lot more sense. Notice things like ‘defend democracy’ or ‘be morally consistent’ aren’t on this list.

I swear to god, we better not get another fucking Obama after Trump. I didn’t mind Obama, but he was such a spineless, ‘bipartisan’ wimp. We need FDR, not some wimp who is desperate to be liked. We are fighting against people who don’t value democracy and who are ok with treason now as long as it services the 3 agendas above. We don’t need wimpy ass half measures or people desperate to be friends when dealing with people who openly declare war on democracy just so long as it gives tax cuts to the rich and white nationalism a national platform.

I think everyone is well past shock, awe, fire & fury. Personally, I vacillate between resignation and peckishness.

I go back and forth between despondency and rage. I’m sure its good for me.

Mostly nausea, with an overlay of rage and contempt.

Not shocked at ALL. We’ve known what a racist, misogynistic, bullying asshole trump is and has been for YEARS.

Most of the country is a bit surprised how many people can support such a jerk (I will not call him a man. He is not). A third of the country still supports this asshole. That’s the shock.

Oh, and to actually answer your question. I think that it is possibly harassment. In that it sounds like trump did not want to take no for an answer.

Sessions would never get his nose out of Trump’s colon long enough to charge him. Let alone Congressional Republicans.

The fact that they were in an elevator (a confined space with no way out for a little bit) and she says he was aggressive is what allows me to think it may have been harassment. Unfortunately, it could also have been a joke. Especially since that last line sounds exactly like a joke.

Then again, this is Trump, and he is obsessed with money and uses it to judge his own value as a person. Maybe he really is dumb enough to say something that ridiculous with all sincerity.

Since this is about his sexual harassment, and not his criminal dealings…

Ok, how many trump supporters on this board would be fine if -

Obama had…

[li]Been married three times. And had children from each marriage.[/li][li]Had been sued for raping a 13yo girl. (not to mention all the other lawsuits he has been involved in)[/li][li]Raped and beated his second wife, pulling her hair out. Because he was mad about his hair lose surgery.[/li][li]Had had a number of extra marital affairs, and has paid off at least one of them to keep quite about it.[/li][li]Has a current wife that is nothing more than an eastern European gold-digger. A woman that has been in porn films.[/li][/ol]

Now the above is just the tip of the iceberg. We can start here.

I would like a show of hands from trump supporters that this is all OK, and they would not have had any problems if Obama had done the same things.

This is also the man who can’t control himself from kissing women he doesn’t know, because he can. And walks through rooms of teenage girls in various stages of undress, because he can. (Trump, not Obama, obviously.)