The Karen McDougal Interview - her read of Trump

I have only seen snippets of it. She seems credible about the facts of the affair. I just don’t know what the end game is for this or the Stormy Daniels lawsuit, in terms of affecting Trump’s presidency.

But one point: She states that the Trump who said he was a pussy-grabber was “not the man I knew.” And yet he offered to pay her after their first encounter and part of the reason they broke up was that he referred to her mother in some unflattering way - a pig or something. It sounds like the misogynist pig was very much the man she knew. I know, shocking that a “Playmate” turned out to be a poor read of men. Buy oy.

And after he treated her as a prostitute, she stayed with him for a while and then voted for him for President. Good judgement all around.

Yes exactly. Stormy Daniels has a much cagier approach and a lawyer who knows how to keep the pot boiling as we lead up to her 60 Minutes interview with the same Anderson Cooper.

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I can’t sell Oy? I have plenty to sell! In these times, life is full of Oy!!

Listening to how Trump treats women is so Oy. Her rationale of being with him? So Oy.

She looked creditable to me. Her stated ‘end game’ was to get the right to her.
story back. I don’t think she has a case. She has her15 minutes of fame, Trumps base will not care. It’s all for naught.
ETA…there was another McDougal one time, weird!

Why would anyone BUY Oy right now when we have firehoses of the stuff getting sprayed on us constantly?

So, so true. Sigh.

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You left out the part about where he told her she reminded him of his daughter. I wonder if that was during sex or just in casual conversation. That she stayed with him after all of this says a lot about her lack of self respect.

New York Times article:

Is there a good oy free substitute?

You misspelled attractive-slut-trying-to-turn-an-affair-into-cash.
Send both of them to North Korea for a few weeks at the state farm experiment.

What is surprising that a guy worth a hundred million or so dated playboy models?

He wasn’t in politics. He was rich and famous.

Of course he got laid. You think Steve Jobs and Bill Gates didn’t date and fuck beautiful models? Of course they did.

JFK was in politics and he certainly got laid. Allegedly even Marilyn Monroe spent some time with him.

Where is this puritanical obession with sex coming from? What has happened to this country and its obession over other people’s sex lives?

When did it become anybody’s business who you fuck? That’s between a man and his wife. It’s none of the publics business.

I’m no fan of Trump. But come on. Apply the same standard to all the rich guys.

Whew, that was a good rant. :wink:

The pressure had been building for three weeks. All this stupid bs over Stormy.

Now McDougal wades in. Wants to put her snout in the hog trough.

It’s all about the $$$$$$$$ they can make. They don’t give a damn how badly they hurt this country.

Anything to make a buck.

I have yet to find one. Nothing beats a good Oy!

aceplace - do you really think the Kennedy shenanigans would play today? Regardless, Trump is a pig, but more importantly, may have broken laws during the cover up.

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Back to the subject, is aw an excerpt where she said she loved him, or he loved her, or some such nonsense. Oy! Where do they find these women?

What cover up?

Confidentiality agreements aren’t illegal. They are used in a lot of situations and for many reasons. None of them necessarily sinister. We have a right to privacy!

If a man aporoaching 70 wants to clean up his past, to run for office. When did that become a crime? Everyone of us has a few unsavory moments buried in their past.

You’re not in politics yet. You aren’t a public servant.

Why can’t you make good faith offers with contracts?

I’m not a lawyer and don’t know all the ins and outs of election.

Obviously Trump has the money to hire the best legal minds in the country to advise him.

Whatever occurred, Trump was a private citizen. I assume it was done by lawyers who followed the law.

I’m quite happy applying the GOP’s standards of morality to the person who is currently its leader.

Anyway, I’ve always heard it’s a good idea to buy low and sell Oy.


Well, we can trace it back to the Puritans. :wink:

But, more seriously…a big chunk of conservative America spent most of the 1990s (and beyond) obsessing about Bill Clinton’s affairs, and viewed the fact that Hillary stuck with him during them as a character flaw on her part. So, I have no doubt that there are people who feel that Trump’s supporters (many of whom likely attacked the Clintons over this) are now showing hypocrisy over Trump’s behavior.

But, beyond that, as WordMan notes, the real issue here (IMO, anyway) isn’t whether Trump had consensual affairs, but:

  • He has been quoted as bragging about behaving in a non-consensual manner with women (e.g., “grab them by the pussy,” and intentionally walking in on contestants in the dressing room at the beauty pageant he owned).

  • He has not only denied that many of these things happened, but he’s called the accusers liars, and threatened to sue them.

  • In at least two cases (Daniels and McDougal), he worked through intermediaries to silence them, once his presidential aspirations grew. The NDA with Daniels, for example, was created on the eve of the 2016 election (when he certainly was in politics), and may have been a violation of campaign finance laws.